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Little House update…

This is the latest picture of the new house. As you can see, it has a front door, and also back and side doors. I will stain these doors with gel wood stain in walnut colour when I have some time.


When I visited the house alone this morning, I revisited a feeling that I had had about some details that relate to the drywall work that was done. Everyone I know acknowledges the tradesman who does this work as “the gyproc KING”. We’re on good terms with the fellow; I just think there has been a lack of communication that is MY fault.

There are no doors planned for the bedroom closets, and today I realized that the outside edge of the closets are unfinished as if they are going to be trimmed with molding of some kind and fitted with doors. I am hoping that it is not too late to apply bead and filler (and of course, touch-up paint!). If only I had viewed the work more carefully and had this fixed before almost the whole interior of the house had paint! At that time, of course, we were actually on our way to Nelson, perhaps, and at any rate, I wouldn’t have “caught on”. I haven’t heard back from our drywaller, and if he won’t come back to remedy this, I will do the work myself or ask our friend Rob. This morning I wanted to cry, but am feeling more composed now. I also will not consider the “fixing” to be warranty work for the drywaller: he has cashed my cheque, and life goes on.

I’m loving the colours I chose! The muted minty green seems soothing, and the bedroom that is visible from the living room is a subtly darker shade of the same. Last blog entry, I described and showed the master bedroom colour. The paint in the bathroom is far darker than I had envisioned (and is exactly what I chose and purchased), but because of the sun tunnel or solar tube thingy, it is still a bright and cheery space. I will not be repainting the bathroom any time soon.

Last night I had a good visit on the phone with the head contractor, Ray. Our paths seldom cross lately, not while some of the finishing work is being done by others, and we’re waiting for B.C. Hydro. I have never got the idea that my project has been put on the back burner; we were discussing details such as eavestrough, sidewalks, cupboards, trim inside the house, and so on. I’m feeling very excited again.

Today I unloaded *cough* sold a beautiful table and four chairs that I had bought from Dorothy early this spring. I felt all along that the set was too big for the house. Because Dorothy and I have had a “falling out”, I didn’t have an emotional attachment to this any more, nor did I feel an obligation to keep it or offer it back to her. I might replace the table with a smaller one that our friend Clements has built and has for sale … he is ill and could use an infusion of money. I have many chairs: thank goodness it is trendy to have mismatched chairs! Well, at least I think it’s cool… and Clements’s furniture is built with reclaimed products and has a rustic look. It’s pricey though, and I have been worrying about money.

The Pet Hostel is even quieter since my last blog entry, but it is about to get hectic. I understand that folks think they are reserving well ahead of time when they phone a few days before a long weekend. I take some pride in being a kennel owner who hardly ever has to turn anyone away, and I would like to keep it like that, but sometimes I feel a little panicky. Lately, I feel that I’m pushing myself if there are twenty dogs here, and I work at delivering reassurance and love, as well as food and water. I’ve had a few young girls ask if I need help here, but I don’t think I have the strength to train anyone, and I’d be so afraid of having an escapee. Gary, of course, helps regularly.

Yesterday at about supper time, I allowed some tourists to bring a dog that they had found running down the highway 90 km. from here (about 56 miles, for my American readers). A GRIZZLY BEAR was chasing her! These kind folks stopped and offered refuge for this dog from the middle of the road, and, seeing nobody around looking for a dog (other than the bear), they brought her to McBride. I received a phonecall from our town Information Booth, and the rest of the story yielded a happy outcome.

Because of Facebook, we found the rightful owners of “Sierra”, a female redbone hound. The dog spent a comfortable night safe from bears and a storm, and was picked up from here this morning. The people had been camping out on their own property in the vicinity that Sierra was “rescued”, but they were very grateful, averring that the dog was not usually a “runner” and must have been indeed spooked by the grizzly. Isn’t Sierra a beauty?


That’s about all the chatting I’m up for tonight! I’m happy for the connection with you friends who read my Blog.

~ Love, Ann

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