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Pooped …

Here I am at midnight and can hardly keep eyes open, but thought I’d check in anyway.

Be glad I didn’t take pictures, but the doggy guests and I suffered a rather unnerving event late this afternoon. Someone next door, I assume children (grandchildren of neighbours) were firing off rounds of some kind. Gary says probably sighting rifles before hunting season, but I think it must have been target practice and “play”.

I was in town at 3:00, but home by about 3:30, when I started hearing the sounds. There were dogs barking and pacing in outside runs, and in the indoor kennels, I found two senior labradors who appeared panic stricken. I didn’t even get the connection right away! I was in-and-out of the kennel building and then, “What’s that smell?” … an old basset hound had defecated in her indoor space despite having full access to the large run through the open doggy door. Then she had run back and forth through the mess; when I tried to make her go outside she refused, panting and looking wild-eyed. Then it hit me … there was a problem for almost all of the dogs because of the gunfire next door.

After posting something snarky on Facebook (from my iPhone, while running) about feeling frustrated, I set about to clean up Zoey’s space. Good grief, I thought her owner was picking her up at any moment! I had washed the dog’s bedding and it was my dog beds that were soiled, thank goodness. But the dog herself was a mess. UGH.

I no sooner got Zoey in the bathtub when my friends came to pick up their senior labs, who had not voided their bowels indoors, but were frantically running about, drooling … not what any of us want to see. My friends where duly sympathetic, and gathered Logan and Pele without a fuss. However, I was dismayed that the owners couldn’t see how very composed and happy the dogs HAD BEEN!

So I’m washing floors and gagging, Zoey drying in a clean run, when someone from about a mile down the road phoned to ask if I knew anything about the sound of gunfire. She politely asked if I was going to “go there” to check it out, and I said that I had been tempted but was trying to maintain some order at the kennel. Truthfully, I had considered going outside and yelling, “For the LOVE OF GOD, STOP IT!”, but didn’t think I’d be heard. I didn’t try phoning because I didn’t have time and also suspected that no older adults were home.









I had an unexpected visitor at the Pet Hostel one night. While finishing the last of a shift of taking care of 20+ dogs, I spied this small toad looking up at me. He was inside the kennel building! Thank goodness I didn’t step on the little guy. I gently scooped him up and got my iPhone out of my pocket. Immediately after I took the photo, the creature started chirping like a bird, and I quickly released him in a grassy area outdoors.


Today had been the PERFECT day to come home from the McBride grocery store with a small barbecued chicken. At a time of day that I might have been able to start supper for my Gary, I was washing floors and dogs, etc.. I accomplished this by about 6 pm., our usual dinner time, and I sank into a chair. The phone rang, and it was the basset hound’s owner, very nicely asking if it was okay if she left her dog until Wednesday! Some days you just have to laugh … and I would have wanted to wash Zoey anyway.

My mission “in town” had been successful. In our McBride Buy & Sell Facebook page, there had been a Dyson vacuum cleaner posted, and I bought it. I picked up this item from one end of town and delivered to my new little house on the other end of town.

At the house, I found Vonda, who has been doing the interior painting. She was almost finished all of it! We had a brief chat about the vacuum, Facebook, painting and more, and then we both hurried away. I didn’t have time to fully appreciate anything, but the house is looking really cute! It is getting very exciting all over again.


Tomorrow the electrician comes back to install light fixtures and switchplates and the like, and I will need a refresher course on how things will work. B.C. Hydro has taken some time to make a connection, so to speak. Then there will be pocket doors installed, trim, kitchen cabinets and so on. I can even do a little of the work myself, such as mounting towel bars, if I haven’t lost my nerve for that kind of thing.

So, in chatting with you, I changed my own focus from the afternoon madness to more pleasant things. I must go fill up the fire (yes, it’s the season to start heating the house again), and get to bed. Thanks for being here!

Love, Ann

2 thoughts on “Pooped …

  1. A delightful post, and site! And, I am so glad I was finally able to find your current online presence, Ann. I am a long-lost Blain cousin…

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