Life and Pets

Monday …

After Gary left on his vacation, I set up the “garlic dehydrator”. The aroma can be overwhelming, but I have been trying to declutter pretty much everywhere, including the freezers. If successful, there will be more room for this season’s bounty from the garden.

Always delicious, I had roasted, chopped and frozen garlic cloves in the freezer. Roasting seems to increase the natural sugar content (I’ve not added anything), and the yummy minced garlic turned into a sticky lump. I had frozen tablespoonsful on parchment and then piled it all into a ziplock bag, but it is still difficult to extricate a small portion. So I thawed the whole of it and spread it in the ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Salton Dehydrator.

Besides (before) this, all I have done is take care of Gary’s breakfast and his travel lunch, and then looked after Shadow Z, Bodhi, Lily, Gus, Chalco, and Fritz. Also the cats, chickens and guinea pig. Tilly will soon arrive for just the day, and Carly for another stay while her owner works. We will meet Gus for the first time. Eirwen, a regular, just came.

Cinder and I feel lost now that Gary is travelling down the road, although we tell ourselves that there’s nothing we can’t handle, we two.

I have only a little “mischief” up my sleeve for while my beloved sidekick is away, and naturally I can’t write it in my blog if my projects are going to be good surprises later. On the other hand, who am I kidding? Taking care of the house and acreage is challenging enough with two adults working on it, while getting older like everyone else who is lucky. If it keeps raining as it has been, I won’t have to fetch 180 bales of hay because it won’t be ready, but the garlic is likely to need digging (we can at least start on it by the end of Gary’s trip), and other wonderful things will need harvesting.

As I’d decided, I didn’t attend the goodbye party for MJ. I was “missed” by someone who texted me later and assured me that I could have coped. But I have no regrets, and I thought about our friend all day. Shelly and Adrien attended. Evidently, the dinner was well attended and appreciated, but almost “nobody” ate a baked potato! Oh well … I didn’t need to know that, but I hope that many of the helpers in the kitchen took home potatoes, because they are sure good eating, whether reheated as is, or made into hashbrowns, or even frozen for hashbrowns later.

All in all, it was a real celebration of MJ’s courage and everyone’s love for her.

I need to get back to work and will talk to you later!




This little sweetie is Bodhi, a purebred golden retriever pup.


Cinder sometimes sits right on my shoulder as I rest on the couch in the evenings.



Hope you who read my blog are well and happy. I love that you check on me. * HUGS*

~ Ann

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