Life and Pets

A degree in potato wrapping …

I volunteered to “do” baked potatoes for my friend’s send-off tomorrow. Actually, it was consent to a direct request, not something I had offered.

The mission was to buy and bake and deliver 15 pounds, but in the end, the Evangelical Free Church in McBride took over the catering of the dinner. The friend who asked me to help by baking potatoes was feeling overwhelmed, and any help was a blessing indeed.

My first reaction was to think it quite shitty of someone to change the usual funereal fare from coffee/tea and snacks to an entire dinner. There is no way to even predict the number of meals that will be needed. It would be one thing, different entirely, if the family was going to do all the work, but they were asking MJ’s dearest friend to cater. And Sarah not only is processing MJ’s sudden death and grieving, but celebrating the birth of her own first grandchild, both within a few days.

It will turn out well, I know it. I have a sour attitude about some other things that I can’t write about here. So I decided that I will do this one thing, drop off the spuds (which the church crew will bake), with toppings for them, and run away. I feel sure that I won’t be missed, and my help in the church kitchen isn’t required.

I’ll honour MJ by thinking about her all day tomorrow.

This morning I awoke to Facebook news that other friends had discovered that their dog had been killed by a train. We were all keeping an eye out for Buddy, and I particularly hoped he would get home, find his own way here or be brought here. Buddy was one of my best canine friends, though I didn’t see him often. I cried when I read the sad conclusion to the search.

I was going about my business in McBride a few hours ago, with Buddy and MJ and other souls on my mind, when I crossed paths with our local Purolator driver, who carried a very heavy box of horseshoes from the post office to my truck for me.

Aaron had been looking for a puppy for his son who will turn 9 soon. We talked about that for a minute, and then Aaron told me that his five year old dog got killed on the highway last night!

I had never met that family dog, but I could not stop the tears from spilling over. Seems like too much sorrow for others is happening lately! I’m also boarding a tiny dog whose owner will probably never come home and she will be adopted by another family member. Then there’s Herman, for whom I was asked to find an alternate home because his owner is so ill.

It’s all getting too much!

On a cheerier note, treasured friends David and Joan adopted this beauty from a rescue organization in Edmonton. “Lexie” spent the day with me and was composed and sweet. I told her that she was a very lucky dog, that she had “landed well”, but I told her new family that they are lucky and deserving too.

Lexie napping after her lunch.

Holly from Prince George dropped her dogs off for the weekend.this is her photo from a walk near her home.

So, folks, I need to go do some things. I’ll leave with a a photo of Sam supervising my cleaning and decluttering effort in the kennel building.

Sandra has been out photographing our local scenery, as usual.

Love, Ann

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