Life and Pets

Wednesday …

Woke up to a thick new blanket of snow. Enough! By that, I mean it’s plenty of the white stuff to make everything look like a pristine wonderland and quiet those who were wanting more snow.

Gary is working hard to clear some paths and sweep off the vehicles. I’m comfortable just making coffee and breakfast for now, feeling a bit guilty.

Some of my work cancelled today, because they would have had to drive an hour on the uncertain highway. Another customer needs only to come out from McBride, and she has good vehicles and tires.

I tell people that, if anything, I’m flexible these days.

I got my scraggly hair chopped yesterday; I love long hair on other people, and then I can’t cope with it myself. I told my hair dresser, “Think Meg Ryan…” as I was describing, “… not too short, and kind of tousled.” I was impressed when Val asked from which decade I wanted to look like the movie star … occasionally Meg Ryan’s hair is very long and sometimes very short. I don’t look like any movie star, but I love the cut and the length.

Other than going into town, I did very little yesterday. I baked Gary a tiny banana loaf in the Instant Pot, once I knew he was going to be home (from skiing) for dinner. I had little meat loaves in the freezer, and served those with some tiny baked potatoes and salad.

Tonight I am expecting a delivery from ValleyDirect. Though we have so much food, we were craving beef brisket in the style of an old family recipe. The slab of meat is so big, I might try making brisket three ways. Of course, there were other items I felt we needed. One wants options all the time.

Just for fun, here is Mica sitting right upon my midriff as we watch TV.

Usually, she has this dignified posture while watching TV.

Gary is heading out to plough snow. I should do something useful before my customer arrives.

Take care, everyone! Pray for the U.S. if you wish.

~ Ann

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