Life and Pets

Now that’s a brisket!

As I said I was expecting, our ValleyDirect delivery came.

Holy cow, that’s a slab of beef:

I sliced this into four, and saved the smallest piece for tonight. I applied a “rub” that was a sort of composite of several recipes. According to InstantPot directions, a 2-3 pound chunk of beef should cook 60 minutes at high pressure. I can hardly wait to try it!

Then, in keeping with being all Jewish-like in the kitchen, I also am baking kugel (noodle pudding). The two dishes will be ready at about the same time.

We are in a society of plenty, and don’t think I ever forget to be grateful.


The brisket dinner turned out well. Gary said it was tasty and done just right, ie. not tough but easy to slice without falling apart.

I don’t know how many brisket feasts we have residing in the freezer now. It’s a lot of food.

I also ordered a box of chicken breasts. Imagine this: I thought they would come in layers of individual frozen portions. Nooooo … I received a 3 kg bag of amorphous frozen pink stuff. When this lump thaws, I will roast the chicken breasts, separated and flat: they will be ready for use in dozens of recipes. Because you know … they’ll be packaged and frozen in layers. 😉

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