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A snow day …

Gary had got our small tractor out this morning to clear our driveway of snow. We probably got 10” overnight. He did all the work of brushing off the vehicles, shovelling some pathways, and ploughing some of it out of our parking area.

Then one of our neighbours appeared at the bottom of our longish road with his huge “loader”: it seemed like a saint was on his way to help. Glen has helped in this manner before, but I don’t remember having such a profound sense of relief and gratitude.

I was standing in the kennel building waiting for my customer and feeling guilty because Gary was doing a lot of physical effort to keep us comfortable and mobile. I gestured to him to look down the road (at Glen), and he gave me a thumbs up.

Though Glen was only here a few minutes, his “passes” with the enormous bucket saved hours of work.

Roper came for grooming. He is always a good boy.

Before I started work, I set up goulash in the InstantPot, leaving it to time itself, and pressure cook for 25 minutes. After the time is up, this little marvel sets itself to “Stay Warm”, and the pressure dissipates on its own.

After Roper was beautified, I went back to the kitchen, added the sturdy penne, and reset the InstantPot for 10 minutes. I’m quite paranoid about (revolted by) overcooked pasta and noodles, but took a chance according to what I’d read. The penne was perfect (this brand of noodle doesn’t cook enough in 10 minutes at a hard boil, so I didn’t know.

The pasta cooked while I made baking powder biscuits, so the effort coordinated well. 🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s a very small batch, feeding just two people, or one hungry husband twice.

Once we got through lunch and the dog was picked up, I realized how many people had posted photos in Facebook of our beautiful snow scenes.

Joanne Bedell photo (taken near our property but further up the mountain)
Sandra James photo
Jessica Arnold photo

That is all for now. I have my feet up, playing iPad word games.

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