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Tuesday …

I’m excited; I have an appointment for a haircut today. “Style” is what I’m enthused about, as it has been many months since I bothered. I have occasionally hacked at my own bangs with the dog scissors, on the run, usually without a mirror.

Although there hasn’t been too much grooming or boarding work, it has seemed fulfilling.

This wee Frenchton came for a short stay yesterday. “Hendrix” is a very stable and cheerful puppy who almost died before weaning, a few months ago. She was last of a litter, and the teenage daughter of the breeder nursed the sickly soul back to health. Nothing to do after that but keep the puppy forever!

This morning, I’ve been cooking for our friend again. He is easy to please and says that the freezer meals I’ve delivered have transformed his eaten habits and improved his health. As my idea of a good time is to “feed“ others occasionally, this is a fun arrangement.

A batch of classic Mac ‘n, Cheese, to be “packaged” with smoked pork

So, must get on with the rest of the day. Of course Hendrix is still fine, greeting me like I’m “the second Coming” this morning. Mica and I spend as much time as we can at the kennels, but our dog is too large and boisterous to be in a run with the littler pup.

I’m kind of on my own today, not that Gary would prevent me from doing any particular task, but I keep wondering what “mischief” I can get into. Maybe laundry and haircut is enough.

Have a good day, everyone!

~ Ann

Facebook reminds me that it has been nine years since we adopted Smokey. She didn’t have a name yet, but our friend Werner, battling cancer, had asked us to rehome her so that he could be better able to care for himself. Giving her up was impossible for us, and this made our friend happy.

One thought on “Tuesday …

  1. I’m excited about your getting a haircut and you must be as well!! Hair and nail salons here are still on lockdown so my 6-week appointment wasn’t going to happen until I called my beautician yesterday. She said I could choose Plan B which, as I soon found out, means she will come to my home and cut my hair in the backyard! That’s a first and now I’m excited too!! My appointment is tomorrow, good luck with yours today . . . send a picture.

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