Life and Pets

Monday …

Wait! The weekend’s over?

Yesterday we had the company of Timber and Murdoch just for the day. They each got their nails trimmed; they’re both amazing for the procedure.

Murdoch looks so piteous…
… but he recovers quickly.
a kiss for his groomer
Sam loves Timber, and she is a gentle big girl, part Leonberger.
Timber will leap gracefully onto the lift table even
before it is at its lowest position.

This is “goodnight” at our house:

Today, I will groom a Papillon X Pomeranian. “Rooster” is a cute little fellow. His owners are afraid I will sheer him short or give him a bizarre hairstyle, and of course I’m determined to remove any matts and dead undercoat without making Roo look too different. Challenge accepted!

Early this morning … not too early (though I had slept in and was dishevelled), I greeted a new client, a Frenchton puppy. It is her first time being “left” anywhere, and her young owner found it difficult. We will all cope and get along fine, and Hendrix’s stay is just a couple of days. Photo later.

We’ve had our frittata breakfast and we are both drinking coffee, with an eye on the US politics on TV, surfing the internet, and me chatting to you.

My minor project of the morning is to cook up some ground pork that we were given. The meat resided in a friend’s freezer for an amazing amount of time. It doesn’t taste old or freezer burned, but it contains a great percentage of fat.

I’m rendering a lot of this pork; it will take up less space in our freezer and be handy for meals, “keto” or not. I can hardly wait to create (and consume) crack slaw, Vietnamese pork bowls and “egg roll soup”. One just has to Google “ground pork” to find hundreds of relevant dishes.

While “keto living” allows for the consumption of an astonishing amount of fat, the chubby Ann is adverse to loading up too much. It has been several years since I last had any success at the “Battle of the Bulge “ (as my darling Dad called it for all of us) but I finally understand some of the concepts better. An example of this would be how a handful of beautiful fresh mixed nuts would be a better snack than a slab of bread with peanut butter and jelly.

What has worked for me is to eliminate the question of snacks altogether. At first I thought it would almost kill me, not grazing all day and evening (a bit of hyperbole there), but now it’s a new norm. I haven’t snacked for three months. If I feel I can’t do without sweets or fruit, I make it part of a meal.

All that being said, I feel I have stalled or plateaued and find support in online dieting communities. Most of us try not to even use the word “diet”, as it implies a system that can be abandoned. Are we destined to never have a piece of cake again?

One thing about snacking is that it makes me careless, and invokes my sweet tooth. Even though there is a plethora of chocolate and other dessert-like foods available to buy or make at home, I feel like I’m threatening to spoil my modest success if I buy or make and consume to much of it.

It seems like support that I get to talk to you, my captive audience. Thank you for being here. I would read your blog too, if you have one! Especially during these trying times, blogging and reading others’ blogs makes me feel decidedly less isolated!

Take care of yourselves. Talk to you later!

Love, Ann

One thought on “Monday …

  1. Hi Anne! I enjoy reading about your life with the furry babies, and your life in general. I admire your discipline in your ‘battle of the bulge’, it has to be difficult. I need some of that discipline at the moment to do some kind of regular exercise, as my body has changed tremendously over the last year or two – I don’t eat a lot, and I am not willing to diet too severely anymore. So exercise has to happen…. 🙂

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