Life and Pets

Sunday …

Finally after a short rental stay at “the little house”, I got downtown to check on and clean it. The nurse who stayed there last left it in beautiful condition!

Of course I had laundry of linens to do, and making up of beds, but mostly I just puttered and hit some “high points”… literally the clerestory window ledges and door frames, places I would not expect others to wipe down or dust. These are the types of surfaces that I almost never dust in our own home. I’m still learning how to keep house. 😉

We are not ready to leave this acreage and house and workshops yet, but I love that other house as much as the day it was completed five years ago. When I had the year-long renters, I thought I had “fallen out of love” with the property forever, but once Shelly and I sat in the clean, vacated home, I knew I loved it again.

I don’t think I can imagine under what circumstances I would rent long term again. The people with whom I was so frustrated were supposed to be there for three months, and I felt like I held my breath for a year. It would take too long to describe the complaints and declarations of entitlement. It was a terrible match, whereas I thought the house that I’d designed with wheelchair accessibility, safe, even heat, high end appliances and beds and so on … should have seemed perfect.

This is Linden in her Dunster, BC, t-shirt that Auntie Shelly sent her.

Here is Juno, thoroughly wrapped in her “bobcat” blanket that we, Nana and Zaida, sent for Christmas. Juno still loves anything “bobcat” and has since she was two, but between you and me, many animal prints seem to pass approval. 😀👍🐾

Whether it’s leopard, cheetah, lynx or bobcat, this design seems to fit the bill. 🤫

We are still drinking coffee this Sunday morning. darling Murdoch and Timber have arrived, just for the day. I was expecting a new client, but I had my information mixed up … transferred the drop off date wrong.

Other than clipping the nails on the two here for the day, my schedule is lax. The dog and I might need to go for a Sunday drive, if only to the Dunster Swap Shed. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Hope your day is healthy and safe.

Love, Ann

Yesterday’s work included nail clipping on the most mellow chihuahua in the world.

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