Life and Pets

Saturday …

Yesterday, the wind blew the door right off Cluckingham Palace. The chickens were unfazed, with John strutting outside the enclosure and the hens either occupied within the fence or busy laying an egg.

When I got around to it, I blocked off the doorway so that Mica couldn’t eat scraps left for the chickens, nor the birds themselves. Our pup isn’t murderous, but might grab a chicken with the excitement of them flapping in her face or running.

Beautiful little Cotton came for grooming. She seems the picture of health though getting old. This time, I had almost all her nails done before she even looked alarmed. She didn’t bite.

“This cat’s bigger than me!“

After Cotton was groomed and picked up, and we had had our lunch, Gary went to town. I steeled my courage to go out in the icy wind to fix the chicken door.

This project took a boatload of wood glue, a bunch of screws, and about twenty minutes. 💪 I had set up the door on sawhorses, with the glue and several large clamps, before dog grooming this morning. It’s a lightweight interior wood door, not worth much, but I wouldn’t know where to find a replacement locally. It would be quite beyond my skill level and pay grade to try to hang a new door anyway.

Common photography mistake: I got my reflection in the pic. When I told Mica to sit, she thought she was in trouble for a second.

Yesterday morning, it made my day, as you might expect, to get this from Susan:

Linden is twirling, wearing a “Sparrow Hat Company’ ball cap designed by a young friend of ours who grew up in McBride. (Michelle Smith Gredling)

Oh, my heart. 🎶💕💔🎵

At 8 am., we have had our breakfast and are finishing the pot of coffee. As usual lately, we are watching news from the U.S.. Most of the world must be.

Later today, I must motivate myself to clean the little “vacation” house in town. It was occupied by an agency (locum) nurse and her boyfriend for a week. They said they loved staying there. 💕

It is booked again for a couple of months soon, by another nurse. I’m loving the connection with health professionals, though I have never had any trouble with renters other than the “year-long” pair, and one vacationer who smoked indoors.

I love being at that house.

Hope your day is good and safe.

~ Ann

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