Life and Pets

Friday …

The sky was breathtaking, and became more so after I sat down …

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary. As Gary says, “That went fast.” We have gotten a lot figured out in twenty years, and it hasn’t been difficult to do so. I hope we have another two decades at least.

Sweet little Bean came for grooming yesterday. I loved my time with her, and she holds no grudge. Indeed, Bean doesn’t seem upset with any part of her “beautification”. I love to visit and catch up with her owner as well.

Then these border collie mixes came for nails only.


Both dogs were excellent for nail trimming and I had another nice chat with their owner.

Shortly after lunch, the visiting trio went home.

Duke, Leigh and Zeus don’t even mind coming here.

I have to admit that I didn’t do much for the rest of the day. I had a phone call from our banker in Calgary, who simply wanted to wish us Happy New Year. He was full of optimism and humour, and we talked for almost an hour.

Yesterday and into the evening, we watched more of the troubling news from the U.S.. Gary tried to watch a different channel for awhile, one which doesn’t usually support our views, and couldn’t stand it. What a mess, unprecedented.

Today I have only one small shark poodle to groom. Tiny Cotton bites hard for any handling of her feet. She’s old and I use as little restraint as possible to keep my hands safe and functional, and keep the dog calm and uninjured too.

My weight loss efforts seem to have stalled, “plateaued”. I haven’t “cheated” on my own plan which was successful for awhile. It took years to put that much weight back on after Dr. Price whipped so many of us into shape, so to speak. I’m torn between being patient with myself and wanting to see more fat gone. I suppose it’s not either/or! Persistence is key, for the rest of my life. Exercise might also be indicated. 🙄

I only mention this in my blog because it feels like I’m accountable to you, caring readers. I’m on record!

Hope your day is safe and happy.

Love, Ann

Gary tells Mica, “Smile for the camera.”

2 thoughts on “Friday …

  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Gary! A 40 year contract is a good one, to start with ❤.

    Maybe this is what we (the US) needed to see how very precious our constitution and laws are. I don’t condone any of the actions taken – nor will I be able to forget who stirred the pot. But I’m trying to see some hope in this.

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