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Thursday so far …

View from Sandra’s window this morning.
Sandra James Photography
From our front door
An Apple Dutch Baby for Gary today

Yesterday morning, I trimmed Darby’s nails. Her owner helped and we chatted all the while. Darby was fidgety but sweet, and we not only got them shorter, but polished too.

Using the Dremel tool has two benefits, one can safely get another tiny bit off the length, plus it takes off any burrs that might scratch someone or something. Some dogs actually tolerate the Dremel better than the nail scissors; others just say, “NO”. Some try to say “no” to both, but that is rare, and we almost always can get the job done.

Well before Christmas, and as a thoughtful gift, Shelly brought us half a lamb. Last night I barbecued a whole package of four chops, which had marinated all day.

I left the meat on the barbecue at medium heat, and set a timer. It seemed too much trouble to stand there full time to tend them, nor get the meat thermometer out to cook them to a precise temperature.

Even so, I went back outside after a few minutes and found Gary’s supper engulfed in flames! 🔥 I just turned the chops over and blew out most of the fire with my Covid-free breath.

Gary said the lamb wasn’t burnt and was very nice. No matter what the internal temperature, they looked just right for doneness. They tasted okay to me … for lamb. Now I have the extra charbroiled fat and bones, plus some vegetable scraps in the Instant Pot to make broth. They call that “bone broth” these days, like it’s a new thing. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Today I look forward to a wee dog, Bean, for grooming. Also, there are a couple of dogs coming for nails only. I am used to this pace.

Thinking back to when I started, more than 36 years ago, I would wonder, “Where are all the people?” if I only had a couple of dogs to groom or board in a week. Now, I don’t worry. I kind of know where the people are in this year of pandemic.

For the most part, I only worry that others are well and happy. If they can’t travel, this is sad, but they (we) are in good company. Whatever the reasons might be that there isn’t very much grooming, Gary and I will muddle through.

“At this time yesterday, it was already shaping up to be a busy news day: Two Georgia Democrats were poised to flip the Senate with imminent runoff wins. Congress was getting ready to confirm the results of the Electoral College amid objections by several Republican members. Coronavirus deaths in the US were rocketing to a new all-time high. Then, around midday, a violent mob of Trump supporters, egged on by the President himself, breached the US Capitol, sending politicians into hiding and sparking hours of chaos, violence and insurrection on what is sure to go down as one of the darkest days in American political history.”

3 thoughts on “Thursday so far …

  1. Holy mother of Pearl – I never even thought to made a lamb broth. *eyes the leg o’ lamb at Costco with new interest*
    OK, silly question – what tool do you use on the Dremel to trim pupper’s nails? My beast is a total nightmare when it comes to his nails, and trying to trim them is like wrestling an alligator.

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