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Oy Christmas …

Every year, December takes me by surprise. Even though I don’t pray to a patriarchal deity, I don’t mind observing a mythical birthday of one of the greatest guys that ever lived. I do like Christmas.

Also every year, I worry about what gifts to buy or make, give or send, and the voice in my head chastises me, “You’ve had eleven months to prepare!”. I guard against trying to buy everything all recipients might need or want or didn’t know they wanted or needed. Then I end up feeling short of brilliant ideas, after all.

This is something I came up with for Juno, who loves anything suggestive of, or about, bobcats. I told Gary, “Come see something I’m a bit proud of! This is a bobcat necklace”. Now, it is a perfectly legitimate question, “What makes it a bobcat necklace? … “, he asked, with some genuine interest (I think).

The beads are mostly colours that would be found in a bobcat’s fur, save for a few clear or silver ones. There are tiger’s eye gemstones, so those might be a bobcat’s eye colour, right?

So I hope Juno likes it. I hope the handmade item doesn’t fall apart on her … I did not want the string of bobcat beads to put the four year old in any danger by being completely unbreakable if accidentally hooked on something.

Not to toot my own horn, but I think Juno’s Nana might need a bobcat necklace too. I do have what I call “bead soup” in my craft stash (a big assortment of beads).

I am starting a Raggedy Ann doll for Linden. For that, I have had almost two YEARS to prepare, technically. Even so, sometimes inspiration eludes me, and for the doll-making, I was inspired by discovering (in my doll making stash) that I already had a face embroidered! That is a relatively small part of the project, but the first step, usually, and I just hadn’t pushed myself to look or start until last week.

Today was not very eventful until about lunchtime. I only had one little doggy to groom today … I got my date mixed up for a Newfoundland, so didn’t have that one. I only had Shadow, this cute “schnoodle”.

We had talked about going into McBride, and I got a text from Shelly. She said that she had heard there was a duck loose on her road. There might be more than one such resident on Mountain View Road, but we offered to drive out to see if we could see it.

I grabbed my fish/cat/duck catching pole, and we looked near Shelly and Adrien’s driveway, and up to the house, and could not see any tracks, nor anything fowl. Nothing. I had so wanted to be part of solving the mystery. As we travelled back toward town, I said to Gary, “I hope it’s not her Hundred Buck Duck.” You might have to know us quite well or read this blog regularly, to know that the reference is regarding a pet Muscovy that Shelly spent $100 saving.

I was not a good enough mom to go looking around the acreage for duck tracks, or even check the outbuildings.

Gary and I had a few stops in McBride and then treated ourselves to lattes at Welcome Home. There I noticed on a Facebook that our friends had just lost their dear old dog to, presumably, a stroke. They saved that dog years ago, and Shadow has had a great life, but it is sad and a shock. We’re never ready.

The rest of the afternoon, I worked on Christmas gifts, wrapped a couple presents, and daydreamed about getting stuff done. Then I heard from friends that their little dog is dying.

I still can’t believe that it’s December 3rd. We are almost “snowed in”, but we’re safe and warm and lucky and grateful.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make others’ sorrows disappear, but if that was possible, I suppose I would have all of this nostalgia and melancholia myself.

Am sending out a ton of sympathy and empathy to those who are hurting. I wish I could hug each of you, if that’s what you need, and there are a few people that I wish I had hugged more. It’s not too late for some …

until we can hug again,


One thought on “Oy Christmas …

  1. Annie, there’s a reason you’re feeling stressed about what seems like a short period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. We have six less days to shop, a situation that happens once every five years (I think). Everyone I talk to is feeling the same way, including me. Today I spent a couple of hours on line doing some holiday shopping. Some progress was made and I feel better. Of course, I’ve never actually made gifts with my own hands like you do . . . those are very special and I admire your creativity! Sending hugs from here . . .

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