Life and Pets

Done and done …

… and done in for the day. I can hardly move.

The only “heavy lifting” I really did today was the grooming of Storm, a siberian husky. Really, I did not have to left him very much, thanks to my nifty electric lift table. And Storm was as good a boy as he knew how to be … he protested loudly throughout the first part of the process, then relaxed.

He yelled so much during his shampoo and rinse that I thought Gary would hear from the house. I didn’t record video because I was trying to get through this too. Storm kept up the “song of his people” for awhile, then got used to the dryer and the brushing, and there wasn’t much more of this:

It was still three hours of brushing, and my neck and shoulders are really sore. The use of the high velocity dryer, combined with the Furminator brush, results in husky fur all over the shop, so there’s vacuuming to do after the dog is back to napping and eating.

Here are some pics of my friends from the past week. Several of our human friends had medical emergencies and this resulted in an extra influx to the Pet Hostel. I didn’t get photos of everyone … I was just too busy. Or forgot to take the camera.

Archer is blind and also requires an insulin shot twice per day.

Lucy was a stray in McBride and was adopted by friends.

Tilly was a shelter dog and now has a happy life. Henry is a new puppy for the pack.


Rosie, a welcome and frequent guest at the Pet Hostel

Casey, who would like to bite the hand that feeds her, and has done. But she’ll “high five” me.

Dixie is here on veterinary-recommended reduced exercise. She particularly likes the heated floors.

I have peeled a lot of garlic for dehydrating. Smokey keeps me company.

Bud, Gary’s senior horse, is not well this winter. He has shelter, food, medicine and extra care.

Mica and her new pups, one of which will be our new “best friend”

This is the sire of Mica’s puppies. I have started to just refer to the pup as “border collie cross”.

I was really struggling with an idea for dinner tonight. I felt too weary to “go fetch” something from town, and also, was trying to shop from our own full freezers. It hasn’t been long since the last frozen pizza meal. I served baked spaghetti and Caesar salad at lunchtime.

Into the little crockpot I put a small container of chicken orzo soup from the freezer (from my cooking-for-a-convalescing-friend session earlier this month), the last of some raw vegetables from a wannabe stir-fry, and a cup of home made chicken broth that didn’t go into the casserole last night. So it’s an offering of soup now, and more soup. It’ll fill the gap.

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