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A good day’s work …

It would be a bit pathetic (or alarming), at another grooming shop, to do just two dogs in a day… any two dogs.

These two tiny mites gave me a real workout today, especially Chloe, the older female. Both dogs were, while being groomed, a cross between a wild rabbit and a Mexican jumping bean. I was so worried about hurting them …. for a dog to be that fidgety (and held so tightly) around sharp instruments is just dangerous.

I didn’t hurt any spindly leg, nor nick a hide, not even did I get a nail too short. It was almost impossible to get every nail at all. Chloe kept trying to lick the scissors and the clippers while they were running. I actually used a mesh “cat bag” to gain some control, humanely, and still these little buggers could outmaneuver me.

Now I am sitting with a large drink. It happens to be a double shot of Earl Grey tea, and does it ever hit the spot!

I have been starting to think about Christmas giving and have a couple of items taken care of.

That is about all I have to report today. At the Pet Hostel, we have only Carley, and Winston, a miniature dachshund. There will be a few more this weekend.

Love, Ann

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