Life and Pets

Day of several hats …

It hasn’t been a hectic day, but there were commitments which took the whole day, and that’s fine.

As I’m fond of saying, “It’s what I signed up for.”

This morning, Gary left for the annual Farriers’ Conference. It’s a weekend of learning and of visiting, sometimes of buying tools and supplies.

Shortly after, a friend picked me up so that I could support her while she had her old dog “put to sleep”. Friend “M” was troubled by feelings of dread and guilt, and I had offered to go with her to the vet. I did the best I could to validate the decision to euthanize, as I have known the dog all her life and the owner, several decades.

The dog slept peacefully away as I held her during the procedure. My friend could not bear to watch, so I was doubly glad I had decided to go. At least the poor elderly sick animal had a human friend there.


I got home and then Jan came over with Finn for the dog’s toenail trimming. I always have a great visit with Jan, who is caring for her father who suffers from dementia. I can identify with some of the emotions associated with dementia in the family, but I was not “there for” my parents in their old age. Not that way.

Oh, what will I ever do without Ambassador Smokey? You can imagine that if my little grey cat is not “front and centre” again, I will look in the cupboard first!

Then, after a bit of Magic Mike’s pizza for lunch, Mabel arrived for beautification. The owners prefer to have her a little fluffier, but usually I need to shear her short.

Auntie Ann, that was exhausting.

Now Mabel and I are resting in the house. Her owners are busy today, and I told them that they could come back for their dog anytime.

Carly arrived for boarding, then Jerico and Luna.

Dinner was the rest of the pizza (it was just a lunch size).

Right after my mission of mercy this morning, I got a text from a customer saying that her friends who stopped by to visit her dog had informed her that they knew I was over feeding him (his own food), feeding him at lunchtime, and giving him unauthorized treats.

I was shocked. Was he ill? No. But owner had told me her dog gets X cups of kibble twice per day. I should have known better and done better, or consulted with her. I have dealt with all kinds of special feeding regimes, allergy diets, raw, vegetarian, etc., but this is different.

I feel hurt … so much for executive decisions. In my years of pet care experience and from other learning, young puppies do best when fed 3 or 4 times per day. Yes, the client is the boss, but I sure didn’t appreciate the rebuke. Puppy went home happy and well though not fat. I hope the “visitors” are happy with themselves.

Next time this client can board her dog where they feed house brand kibble at lib, or at least she can micromanage someone else. She had a point, but I reserve the right to refuse service even to those who are young and feel smarter.

Not to mention any names.

Mabel and I should go feed Bud the horse. Shelly’s horse Zoey is at training camp for a couple of months.

Love, Ann

4 thoughts on “Day of several hats …

  1. I suppose you get a lot of wackos in your business, like any business. If that’s their attitude, they certainly don’t deserve to bring the dog back again. Your love and care for the animals is way beyond what they can imagine . . . how rude of them to treat you that way!!

  2. Cleo loves all treats and I love when she gets them! People are rude so you can’t control what they say or do, but you can control how you handle it. You always care for the pets like they are your own so I wouldn’t fret.

    I’m sure your friend was grateful you were there in time of need, that couldn’t have been easy for you. Hugs my friend.

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