Life and Pets

Tuesday …

I slept in this morning until 7:25! I was fitfully dreaming for awhile before I awoke, envisioning many dog owners all walking dogs on leashes all over the place.

In my dream, the yard was our own familiar space, but there were more rows of outdoor kennels in some interesting configurations. Also in this realistic nightmare, Gary was furious with me, but trying to help by taking names and asking me where each pet should go. Each dog and every owner was unfamiliar to me, except that the dogs already in runs were some who were already boarding here in real life.

I was trying to wake myself up! There were enough hints of reality (familiar dogs, Gary being furious at me) that I was unsure if this was a dream or an expansion of my business in real life. I would need to hire some help!

So, it was with relief that I woke to the sound of coffee beans grinding, and I was dressed and heading toward the door when there was a polite knock … my “7:30” folks were here with darling Lexie.

Shelly’s duck, Poppy, is still alive this morning, thank goodness. She is standing taller, and that is all I can tell from looking at her. If a duck can reason at all, she must really wonder how it was she fell asleep and then woke up with a sore asshole. Sorry for the riske humour, but there it is.

All my grooming work got cancelled today, but there are still many things to do.

I have an expression, “Once we give up hope, we feel so much better.” I believe we need to let go of the notion that we’re going to have a long, warm, dry autumn. We can soon give up that hope and finish preparing for winter.

Gary has provided for us as usual, gathering and doing all the work of firewood. He finds trees, falling the trees if needed, bucks them into the required length for our own heater, hauls it home, splits and stacks it. He is also the “fire boss” when he’s home except for loading up the heater late at night. That is my bedtime task.

My getting-ready-for winter jobs are more various and sundry and random. My “to-do” list is almost amusing, if it weren’t so daunting, and features such disparate tasks as cleaning container gardens and putting pots away, sorting other junk, window washing (okay, I’m going to hire Kerry if I can), and repairing dog blankets. I still have the vacation house to fix up. Some things can wait until after winter descends upon us.

Then we can “give up hope” of finishing fall work. Surely I will find the inspiration to sew again at some point.

Yesterday, I finished my part in preparing garlic for planting. Every fat clove will yield a fine bulb next summer. Gary and I had made a pact to plant less, but there are still many pounds for him to plant. This is, for Gary, a source of income, and I help when I can.

Almost everything we do reminds us of Cinder (and sometimes even of Lady and McKenna). Even when I speak of garlic, I recall the last afternoon of digging the crop. I had talked to Cinder more than usual that Saturday morning (and I talked to him a lot. He always listened intently!) I promised my wee companion that, if we finished, we could go on a car ride to Dunster Market. We did finish and we did visit in Dunster that day.

Wherever I was, that was where Cinder wanted to be. The only time he left home unauthorized was when I travelled without him, and a couple of times he was seen standing on the highway and was “shooed” home by good samaritans. It’s a wonder the little dog lasted as long as he did. It’s no less tragic to be without him.

I told Gary last night that, when I lie on the couch almost every evening all evening, I can still feel Cinder at my feet. Gary also lost a treasured pet. He just quietly answered, “I know.”

On that cheery note, I should get some more work done. Every pet who boards here is someone’s precious family member, and even though the basic care is done this morning, I like to keep doing the rounds of reassurance.

Have a good day, everyone, as best you can.

Love, Ann

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