Life and Pets

Monday …

It has been a sort of “easy” day. The schedule wasn’t intense, the work not too strenuous, but the weather was dismal.

On the other hand, when I took a drive out to Dunster late in the day, scenery was spectacular. Every season has its gifts.

Jessica Arnold Photography

Donna Perkins Photography- Beaver Mountain

Curtis Culp Photography

The reason I drove to Dunster this afternoon was to pick up Shelly’s Muscovy duck from the vet clinic. This pet had suffered a cloacal prolapse, and Dr. Tom Vogel fixed it in much the same way one would repair a rectal or uterine prolapse in a cow. The prognosis is guarded, and I give credit to Shelly for her kind heart, possibly saving the duck.

The vet said that he hoped the duck didn’t try to lay an egg anytime soon. I asked if we happened to notice that she’s trying to lay an egg, should we reach in and break the egg? Dr. Tom looked surprised, and said, “Yes, sure, I guess so.”

Sounds like a real foul fowl task. Lol I think one would do that for an egg-bound hen, but I am not sure.

Comfy duck

The chickens are wondering what’s going on.

It’s pretty quiet at the Pet Hostel for now. Marley went home this afternoon, and we still have Hunter, Fin, Mica, Booradley, Baxter & Moose, and the cat Jack. Oh, and the parrot Max. It will be busy for Thanksgiving. There is a bit of grooming in the next few days; most grooming shops would laugh at my “numbers”, but it is enough. It feeds my soul and helps pay the bills.

Marley, a maremma mix, is a sweet, smiley girl.

Puppies Murdock and Booradley make friends.

Jack seems content enough. He’s fed and he’s safe.

Dexter and Jazzmine enjoy time in the big exercise yard.

A larch in autumn.

I’m starting to formulate a plan to see our grandchildren, in turn, at the end of the month/beginning of November. Off and on, I don’t feel like I want to leave house and gardens, the business, Gary, or Shelly and Adrien, but I do think that I’ll be okay once I get out the door and on my way.

Certainly I will feel better in the company of little Juno and wee Linden and their families.



Goodnight, everyone.

Love, Ann

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