Life and Pets

Happy Saturday …

This has been a good morning, with a fair bit of work. After I cared for Baxter & Moose, Booradley, Dexter & Jazz, Mica, Alakai, Aussie, Briley, Hunter and Fin, fed the chickens and cats including boarding cat Jack, we humans had our breakfast.

I “consented to” some grooming work this Saturday. After all, there are no Dunster Markets for awhile, and there also weren’t any yard sales today.

This beautiful babe only needed a thorough shampoo, nails trimmed and coat brushed out, “furminated”. She was excited but biddable.

Cattiva’s owner brought me vanilla latte from Welcome Home. We chatted a bit, and she expressed empathy over the death of my Taffy. It turns out that she once had Taffy’s son, but he died several years ago. So, the mother guinea pig outlived her progeny by quite a long time!

“Cattiva”, an American Bulldog

The next canine client gave me a MUCH harder time than the 90 lb. bulldog. “Sugar” resents her paws being handled, and will protest by jerking feet away, kicking like a mule and biting as if her life depends on it. She can get a muzzle off in about one second. I can “cross tie” her and she can still outmaneuver me. My hands and wrists are scratched, and I feel exhausted. I haven’t devised one of those doggy slings yet, as seen on the Internet … but I must!

Sugar spent so much time and energy bucking around that she kicked the clippers off the grooming table, breaking a $45 clipper blade. So you can say that this task didn’t pay well, as I charged $48, including GST.

Sugar’s family members did praise me for the work, so there’s that.

Sugar, little rascal

Alakai, sitting pretty



Jack is cloistered and safe

Briley, a Karelian Bear Dog


Smokey supervising



My spirits have lifted. I thought you might like to know that.

Here’s a foody photo for you. Not every meal I make is stellar, but some are finer than others. This is baked salmon and chicken breast with a delicate white cheddar sauce, rice cooked in homemade broth as usual, and our own peas.

Tonight we are having tandoori-style chicken poached in the crock pot.

Gary is busy rototilling the garden in preparation for planting the garlic. This is always fall work. I’m not sure what else I should do with my day, but I just managed to snarf down some lunch and soon it will be time to feed, water, and reassure all the inmates guests.

Love, Ann

P.s. Stay well everyone, the best you can. I hope for you some success in your own battles, large or small.

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