Life and Pets

Good evening Thursday …

Surprising to me, I awoke this morning feeling rested and more like myself again. All day, I cried at the drop of the proverbial hat, but I didn’t feel depressed. Does that make sense?

Any time I shed more than three tears, it felt like “a good cry”, which I’ve always thought was a nebulous concept. Maybe I get it.

After I served Gary some mediocre, half scorched pancakes this morning, I took off on some errands. We were about three squares away from a toilet paper crises, so that was an impetus to get out the door.

I had already fed and watered Briley, Hunter, Maggie, Phillip, Booradley, Fin, and Mica. Duke and Lady went home last night; their loving owners teased me, remarking that the dogs had put on weight, “like the LAST time they stayed awhile”. 🤷🏼‍♀️

During my travels, I treated myself to a breakfast bagel at Welcome Home. It was delicious. At the same time, I had a great visit with an “old” friend, Brian.

Shelly was over at lunchtime, and I served up leftover Chinese takeout from last night. My darling eldest and I shared a tiny bit of dark humour relating to our most recent losses (my guinea pig and her goat) and ended up crying-laughing or laughing-crying. It’s stress relief.

This afternoon, I groomed a precious dog who is maybe blue heeler and Olde English Sheepdog cross. Mica is a nice size, with an unusual and easy-maintenance coat, and sweet, quiet temperament. Adopted from a shelter, she has “landed well” with a family who adores her. She is excellent with the young children.

Phillip’s owner returned a few days early from a work stint and asked if he could come this evening. I had volunteered to clip Phillip’s nails so I did that, and I also trimmed a few dreadlocks from his coat. Like Mica, he is a dog that I could love forever.

Booradley is some special kind (ie, from a good line) of American Bulldog. At four months, he is a big boy, already knows some basic commands and is ready to learn more. He is a good guest for one so young.

Yesterday, when I was feeling glum, I stayed busy for a few hours grooming Jack, a Bernese Mountain Dog. It was quite a challenge to comb this big fellow out, and a bit of work to convince him to step in and out of the tub, etc. . Jack was entirely patient and biddable, though he is young and some of the process was new to him. I gave his teenaged owner some quick lessons in matt-busting.

What follows is a bunch of random photos taken while I did the poop scooping and gave the dogs time in the exercise yard, in turns.

The end of haying season – Kim Bryanton

Rainbow over the Robson Valley – Jan Bratton

Hope you are all well, my friends. Thank you for visiting this blog … feels like you are watching over me. I’m watching over you, too. 🤗 Big hugs.

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