Life and Pets

Another grey day …

The gloomy weather doesn’t help anything, although for my Gary, at least a day of “lumberjack” work (gathering firewood) won’t be too hot.

Just when I was starting to feel better, there was another pet calamity here. I say “pet calamity” because you must know that I am trying to keep things in perspective, count my blessings, reserve empathy and sympathy for others who have lost human loved ones, and all those important things. Even so, today that just seems like it takes more energy.

Yesterday afternoon, after we had listened to a boarding dog yelp and howl for hours, I moved the vocal fellow back into the kennel building. I don’t know why this dog had become discontented… he had been pretty quiet except when the train went through across the valley. In our business, we expect a certain amount of barking, but I checked the dog all over for some sign of discomfort and inspected his space for what-I-don’t-know. It’s far fetched to think that there was a mouse or snake in his kennel. I looked around the yard too.

Then I put the finishing touches on supper, dined with Gary and watched TV. When I went to check on the guests at 8 or so, I found this husky running around the building. He ran past Smokey perched on my grooming table, and I shouted, so the dog kept going.

Then I noticed that the guinea pig cage was open and empty. The dog had already killed Taffy and taken her into his outdoor run.

I guess to a husky, the little pet resembled his stuffed toys. I keep telling myself, “Dogs will be dogs.” That is not helping. I’m going through all the thoughts of self-rebuke as I did with Cinder. It’s hard to bear; I thought Taffy would drift away peacefully from old age. That I was ready for. Thank goodness the cats were unharmed.

I have a big grooming job today, a Bernese Mountain Dog. He is arriving shortly, so I must sign off for now

Love, Ann

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