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Sunday, Sunday, ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ

Just another song reference … now you can sing it to yourselves.

So far, I have half the populace in the Pet Hostel fed and will get to the rest of them shortly. Some pets who board here are normally fed once per day, but the majority get at least morning and night meals. You can imagine the slightly sad and expectant faces on those “one meal per day” dogs as I make my rounds and it’s not their mealtime, but I always deliver a treat to those guests at that time.

Some dogs and cats get fed “free choice”, and vets have told me that is appropriate as long as the pet doesn’t overeat. I try to stick to whatever regime the guests are accustomed to at home, whether that is buttered toast at 10 pm, or roast chicken, whatever. You would be amazed at the various ways one can feed these family members, and I don’t find it difficult to keep the diets straight, partly because we are such a small establishment. It is easy enough because I am invested in doing things correctly and I write everything down!

I pride myself in my record of convincing guests to eat. Occasionally, I need to find “just the thing” (like hand feeding warm ground beef) and/or say the right words. In 35+ years of business, I have never had to report that one of my charges didn’t eat, and maybe I’ll jinx myself by claiming so, but I’ve performed some pretty silly antics, or tasks “beyond the call of duty”.

Really, everything that goes on with the pets is my call of duty, my joy, my calling.

Since starting this blog post, I have finished delivering meals, treats, and fresh water to the small roster of guests. We have Duke & Lady, Skipper & Lolly, Hunter, Fin, Sally, Casey, Shad and Sadie.

Booradley and Maggie just arrived and are all settled in. We are expecting Phillip and Mica.

Booradley aka โ€œBooโ€

Maggie, one of my heart dogs ๐Ÿ’•


Yesterday I had the gift of Shelly’s company for part of the day. We went out to the Dunster Farmers Market. Every time I get there, it’s like attending a wedding … there is joy in visiting, but one never gets around to “catch up” with all with whom one wants to visit.

Shelly discovered that a Dunster family is now planning to raise miniature dachshunds. This male, the future stud dog, looks so much like Seltzer, who, sadly, died last winter. Shelly will have quite a while to reflect on whether to get a “new dachshund”, as both the male and the intended dam are wee puppies.

We hit two yard sales and had a break at Welcome Home. It truly seemed like a day off, really half a day off, but quite lovely.

I am still having a bit of challenge coping with the death of Cinder. I try not to make too much of this to Gary, who suffered the loss and feels the sadness as well. But when I mentioned this mood (depression, if you will), Gary talked to me about what a great life Cinder had and what a happy boy he was.

That was just the right thing to say at that time, no mention of how short a life our little guy had, and our part in shortening it.


We are getting some real fall weather now. It has frozen hard here, and I don’t even care. It almost seems like we skipped summer and that we won’t have a long, warm, dry autumn to make up for it.

I dug the last of the potatoes on Friday, and they will keep until we eat them up or until I process and freeze them. We have hardly a square inch of space in three freezers!

One benefit to the cooler weather is that the dog poop is firm and less odiferous. There you have it, this is a reality of my business.

On that cheery note, I will get back at my chores. Hope your day goes well, or until I talk to you again.

Love, Ann

Photo: Sandra James

Photo: Donna Peterson

Photo: Craig Finlayson

One thought on “Sunday, Sunday, ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ

  1. I really love hearing about your life which is so different from mine here in SoCal. Sorry about the apparent loss of autumn this year as it really is the most beautiful season. I’m at my sister’s in suburban Chicago and the weather here has been wacky . . . unseasonably cold yesterday and today (55 degrees), and tomorrow it’s predicted to be in the low 80s, it’s amazing! Hugs!!

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