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‘Twas a good day …

I have to say that I felt better today than I have for a month.

Cinder is still on our minds a lot, but I don’t cry as easily, or when I do shed a tear, it doesn’t feel like my head will explode or my heart actually crack in two. I knew that the passage of time would help.

Our poor Purolator driver though. When Aaron drove in today (and I admit he is a frequent courier of parcels to this address), he remarked in his usual cheerful manner, “Where’s your little black speed bump?”

There was no saving Aaron from this, of course, but as I witnessed his reaction when I said that we had run over our little guy ourselves, I had to chuckle slightly. There is no amusing side to this, certainly, but our friend was so appalled that I had to reassure him.

The dog that RCMP officers brought for boarding was picked up today. She will live a better life when adopted by someone through the SPCA. Gary and I both visited the dog with some consideration of keeping her, but it’s really too soon, and doesn’t feel right. I think “Scotch” is too much dog for me… she needs someone athletic, energetic and patient. Highly trainable, cheerful, and pretty, she will be adopted quickly.

There are a few brand new doggy clients with whom to get acquainted. “Old” friends have a new dog since I saw them last, Lola, a Havanese crossed with a Yorkshire terrier. Her hybrid title is something like “havaneskie” or yorkinese … gosh I hope they don’t read this blog. I’m supposed to remember shit like this, but hearing all the names for these crazy mixed breeds makes me roll by eyes. I try not to let that show.

Lola is a delightful puppy and we won’t hold anything like labelling against her!

We’ve had goldendoodles and labradoodles, schnoodles, komondordoodles and bernedoodles, bernarddoodles, borderdoodles and bordernese, cavagoldens, puggles, cockapoos, mastiffdoodles and frenchtons and Rottweiler-Jack Russels. There seems to be no end to purposely-bred crosses, usually with catchy or hard-to-remember titles and huge price tags.

The vast majority of individuals of any of these crosses are fine, fine dogs. I’m not a purebred dog snob. A long time ago, I allowed dogs to breed, not always purebred pairings either. But now, as Shelly points out, the shelters are full of hybrid dogs, purebreds too.

I haven’t got a photo of sweet Lola yet, but take a look at these beautiful weimeraners. Mika and Anya are sisters, totally loving and well adjusted.

We also have Molly, a petite German Shepherd.

Blitzen, Maggie and Scotch went home today. The net boarding population is now only five, but others will arrive tomorrow. Of course, we still have Sam and Smokey supervising.

I picked the last of the peas today, in stages, and pulled up the vines as I went, so that’s that. It has been an odd year for peas … sometimes before the pods were even filled, they were weathered and old, and the peas sometimes starchy while small. I think this is a function of our dark, wet summer… peas don’t mind a bit of cool weather, but needed more sunshine. We’ll have enough peas anyway.


Guess what today is!? It’s Linden’s first birthday!

Yes, Linden is walking. Oh, my heart. 💕

We so miss all of our daughters, our two precious granddaughters, and of course, the dads too. Thank goodness we have Adrien and Shelly nearby.

Here, just for fun, is a selfie taken at Crater Lake, Oregon. After a young friend had spoken of this wonder, I realized that it was en route to seeing the California contingent of our family last year. I was in SoCal for the birth of Linden, as it turned out.

Well, gang, my loved ones, my friends. Thank you for reading this blog. I love that you read my rambling writings, and enjoy your comments.

Love, Ann

One thought on “‘Twas a good day …

  1. Happy Birthday to Linden!! Has it already been a year? Goodness….
    I’m glad Scout was picked up, and taken to the Humane Society. I was worried that you’d be boarding her forever.
    I’m not a fan of breeding dogs for cute names. That’s just… well, selfish.

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