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Musing in the hot tub …

We’ve had the ArcticSpa for a year and a half, and it was certainly a good investment. Gary soaks his hard-working muscles nearly every day.

I’m not in the hot tub daily because I have an idea that a rise in blood pressure gives me a headache. Sometimes I’m sure it does. I am extremely lucky to have few residual symptoms from my stroke in March and hope not to have any like that again.

It is a dark night … here is the view:

I usually don’t have the lights on, but I am enjoying them tonight. Thought you might like the shots of the changing colours and my creepy little foot.

Today has been a good Sunday, and a quiet day. Customers came to drop off or pick up dogs, or to buy garlic. I had some good visits with customers who are also friends. Also a visit with Shelly; that always makes my day!

It rained off and on all day. There is new snow on the mountains all around us. Seems like we were robbed of summer this year … yes, there were no forest fires, but also a shortage of hay. The gardens grew like crazy without supplemented water, but it was rather miserable to weed flower beds.

We still have much to be thankful for.

Love, Ann

One thought on “Musing in the hot tub …

  1. The spa pictures look like the surface of the moon, and it took me a moment before I realized I was looking at your foot . . . funny!! You know, I feel the same way about being robbed of summer this year. We usually have summer days where it is much too warm to wear jeans, my favorite thing to wear almost any time. This year I’ve worn nothing but jeans and have been quite comfortable doing that. We do usually have some warmer October weather with the hot, dry Santa Ana winds, but overall summer has been MIA!

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