Life and Pets

Monday …


I forgot to post this yesterday.


Thought I’d just pop in to say hello. There are a few of you dear readers who are on my mind every time I write, and thoughts of you are a comfort.

Today was physically demanding, and strangely that kept me from pining for Cinder full time. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in melancholy and nostalgia that it’s hard to function properly, but I have lots of live beings to care for and show caring to. Keep moving, keep smiling.

For just a couple of days, I had these favourites to look after …

Timber with Smokey



Baxter & Moose

I groomed this goldendoodle today, “Winston”. He is a full brother to Moose in the photo above. The owners live in different towns, and coincidentally met in our driveway yesterday! Moose was going home, and Winston arriving.


I also bathed and thoroughly brushed this Newfoundland dog. It took hours and some effort. The “end result” felt rewarding, but I’m wondering if I have the stamina for the giant, heavy-coated dogs any more. Smokey thinks we should keep up the good work.

I told Boomer to relax, and he sighed and put his head down.

A “Newfie” is usually as gentle as a lamb. Boomer sure is.


Carly is a dear old favourite. Well, not that old, but definitely a favourite. She is pleasant, clean and quiet and well used to staying here. No problems with eating or taking her pills.

Sasha goes home tomorrow. I will bathe her and clip her nails, but you can imagine there’s not much brushing necessary. Sasha is another model guest.


I did get the last of the carrots harvested a few days ago. I place them in a lingerie bag and wash them in the front-loading washing machine, without “spin cycle” and sans soap.

We’re still busy marketing the garlic. I worry a bit about forgetting some large order and then running out, but it seems under control. Such a wholesome, delicious product to share with others.

I’m fading, folks. Thanks for reading, “listening” to me.

Love, Ann

3 thoughts on “Monday …

  1. Hi Ann, it’s margie from the east . Hope you are well . Sue sent me your blog info so I thought I would drop you a little note and say Hi. Wish you were closer , we have a Newf , I would love you to meet. You do amazing work , Boomer looks great.

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