Life and Pets

Good evening …

I just now published yesterday’s post. I only realized it was in the “Draft” file when I started to write to you tonight.

It was another busy day at the Pet Hostel. Sasha was going home this morning, so I gave her a bath and trimmed her nails. I used the Furminator brush on the big girl, but there’s not much coat to remove.

Always dignified, Sasha couldn’t help but lick her lips when I produced a treat.

I groomed Roper and forgot to take his photo. His sidekick is Nocona, a border collie x poodle. She is such a sweet dog and not even a year old, already diagnosed with hip dysplasia. That is very sad.


The rest of the day was just this ‘n’ that, laundry and moving garlic and caring for the doggy guests.

Below is Cosmo, a Siberian Husky. He was a bit mopey when he first came to stay with us, and didn’t eat enough to suit me. It seemed like the more delicious stuff I dressed his kibble with, the less interested he was. Then we got things figured out, ie. he “trained” me. If I will stand and feed him his dry kibble by hand, he will dutifully swallow each piece. Lucky for both of us, he gets a large kibble, so it doesn’t take all day to get him fed twice.

Roper and Nocona went home tonight. Blitzen arrived. We have Emmy and Lily (no photos yet), Carly and Moose. So just six guests tonight.

Here’s a cheery picture of the flower pots on the deck. Different flowers wax and wane, and right now it’s a time for mainly cosmos and nicotiana.

I am thankful every day for friends, including you who read this blog. I have Gary and he has me, our beloved children and granddaughters, enough money to get by, and food and shelter and all that.

This evening I was looking back on the mistake I made that resulted in Davy’s death on Boxing Day, and how I missed looking out for Cinder just three weeks ago. They were two cherished pets who loved us too, and died so young. I don’t know how to let go of the guilt, but need to trust that time will help.

Thanks for your kind thoughts, phone calls, texts, and Sandra & Kelly, Val & Evan for your cards. I didn’t say that before, but it all meant so much.

~ Ann

One thought on “Good evening …

  1. You need to let your guilt go Ann, you are the most loving person i know to all these animals, whether they are yours or not!!! I trust you with my Cleo because that’s how much I believe in you!! Hugs and be kind to yourself 🙂

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