Life and Pets

Gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ

Another favourite song reference, ‘I Can See Clearly Now’. Maybe Bob Marley’s reggae version, or Jimmy Cliff.

Yesterday was a troubling day. Nothing bad happened, and boarding dogs were checked out steadily until we were down to just a few, seven to be exact.

It was a day that I thought about Cinder constantly and missed him profoundly. I looked for him, in a manner of speaking, many times. Time will help, but yesterday was difficult.

I wanted to sleep all day, which of course isn’t possible, and when I sat still, I was inclined to nod off. Or to cry. The numbness in my face and arm is distracting and concerning, and I wish my heart could be numb for a little while.

I miss Kim, who visited over the long weekend. I miss all the other children and grandchildren all the time too.

On the bright side, pardon the pun, the sun is shining and this makes two whole days in a row! There are so many things to do, rain or shine.

Darling Fritz, a beloved senior farm dog.

Holly, a sweet Border Terrier, Fritz’s sidekick

Johnny got an โ€œexit bathโ€, with Smokey keeping him company.

I found time to clean Taffy’s cage and shampoo the little pet. I have noticed that the bottom of the metal cage is corroding, so it appears this elderly guinea pig might outlast her aging home! These creatures can be confined easily, so a dishpan or cardboard tray would suffice except I always want to ensure Taffy is protected from larger pets who might think she is prey. Even my beloved Sam and Smokey might lie on top of her, not intending to snuff her out.

Sasha came to visit …

And Cash. Johnny Cash, or “JC”:

Jazz & Dexter

Jazz and Dexter are perennial favourites. Dexter, a “Frenchton” is pugnacious with other animals, but I’m used to him and can handle his quirkiness. Jazzmine is as sweet as can be with other pets, and, like Dexter, with humans.

Photo credit: Ted McConnell

Photo credit: Ted McConnell

Photo credit: Ted McConnell

Our darling Juno

I need to get outside to enjoy the day! Take care, everyone.

Love, Ann

More doggies:




My version of โ€œcrack slawโ€.

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