Life and Pets

Gratitude …

Almost every day, I find something to be grateful about, sometimes without consciously reflecting on the subject.

It has been a more relaxed weekend, a less noisy weekend than last. Chaco went home just before I served up our supper. At the moment, the boarders are only Hola, the cat who has been calm even when there are many dogs near, Kona, Dusty, Cash, Jack, Murphy and Jake.


Chaco is from Colorado, and he has been here twice before, years apart. His family hikes the Berg Lake trail occasionally. None of us is getting younger, including pets, and dear Chaco was on medication for epilepsy, pancreatitis and arthritis, and had supplements to promote appetite and digestion. This good boy ate up all of his food with all of his meds and such. Not a moment of trouble.

If you’re reading this Blog, don’t think because I write more about one guest than another, that yours isn’t just as special.

Our friend acquired this charming puppy but had a “sister’s ” week to attend in Santa Fe. Jack is a big, busy puppy, but very friendly and eminently trainable. It was hard to get any still photo of Jack!


Kona is kind and composed and he eats well while here, but mostly he has the air of patiently awaiting his family’s return. Don’t worry, he surely isn’t as sad as he looks in the photo.

Lexie is a lovely smaller mixed breed doggy, recently adopted by friends. She is quiet and friendly; nobody knows her past exactly, but she surely has the best of homes now. I can see Lexie coming out of her shell every time we meet.

Did I show you Cash before? He is accustomed to running with his owner 12 km per day. I told her that there was nothing like that offered here, but that I would give him the most exercise possible during his stay. Cash has had access to our large exercise yard almost full time, exclusively, but seems content to watch me work or come-and-go from his sight. He is, after all, on vacation!

Johnny Cash

Today’s extraordinary activity was this: I got the last few rows of garlic dug, about 260 heads. I kept telling the dog, “If we get this done in time, we can go to Dunster…”. Eventually, I stood up (with difficulty) and proclaimed, “Okay, let’s go for a car ride!”, at which point my tiny protector raced ahead of me up to the house, and frolicked about waiting for me to catch up.

Now we are finished harvesting the garlic, and it is hanging to cure in the shed.. We have decided to cut back on the production next year. Gary did most of the work, and the total came to more than 2100 bulbs. We like garlic, and it’s such a nice product to share with others, but we are finding the work onerous. We’ve also discussed how “tied down” we are by the choices we’ve made, our businesses and all the busy-ness.

last of the garlic 2019

Little supervisor stays in the shade …

The vegetable garden, to which we’ve devoted less space, is also bigger than we need. Even if, even though we give some produce away, we tend to plant too much of everything. It will always be wonderful to grow most of what we want other than coffee and meat, but when I have great amounts left in the freezer from one growing season to the next, it’s just foolish. We’ll cut back on some of this as well. I don’t want to sell at the Farmers Market any more … but I can sure become a better customer!

In spare time, when I’m not too tired, I’ve been cleaning the raspberry rows. I have neglected removing the older, “spent” canes, and the result is an embarrassingly tangled thicket. I didn’t even invite many pickers this year … the old canes scratch and poke while people try to pick raspberries. I apologized a bunch of times, and then just got busy with the overdue project. I pick as many as I can for us or to give away before sacrificing the rest, as I keep pruning.

Here again, we produce much more than we need; next year I will invite more people to pick berries, or I shall make just a couple of batches of jam or jelly to sell through the local Facebook Buy & Sell page. Or turn under a row of raspberries canes! There’s an idea!

We would love to have more time to see family, including grandkids.

I could cry when I think of how seldom we see some loved ones.

Okay, now before I actually do cry, I’ll say goodnight. Thank you all for reading my blog.

Love, Ann

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