Life and Pets

Hi Thursday …

Actually, Thursday is half done. I’m pretty much “done in” … watching ‘Nanny McPhee’ on Netflix and resting before “doing the rounds” again.

The morning seemed hectic. Started calmly enough with breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, not like the Hollandaise ham omelette in a

crepe that I whipped up for Gary yesterday, but adequate.

Financial advisor guy phoned and we directed him to sell some of our pot stocks, so we have a little something to pay down credit cards. We should have sold sooner, but we can’t obsess about that.

Today, I let Herman out of the kennel he has stayed in for a month. I am not intent on keeping this cat, but needed space for the weekend. Herman loved his “digs” and seemed reluctant to explore the rest of the building. I showed him where the feline food and water station is, and he was nose-to-nose with Sam for a few minutes. Since then, I have had no time to worry about the situation. I will continue to do head counts for the cats and all boarders regularly, of course.

At this very moment, we have Duke & Lady, Timber, Natilla, Eirwen, Buster Brown, Gadget, Festus, Carly, Winston, Sadie, Rosie, Izzy, Pepper, Clark & Jack, Dexter & Jazzmin. Also sweet Hola, a cat who seems to enjoy all the activity and is not bothered by the frequent barking. Tonight, Clark, Jack, and Timber will go home, and others will arrive tomorrow. Will try to share photos soon.

I told Gary earlier that I want to try to limit the number to twenty boarders, and I have turned down some business to this end: five or six just this week and long weekend. The occasion of Robson Valley Music Festival is approaching in mid-August, and typically that is very busy also.

This morning between dogs’ arrivals, I nipped into town for a haircut. I felt so pushed and stressed, but this felt like my own spa day, even though it was less than an hour. I think I should make more time for minor indulgences. I have good rapport with any hairdresser in our town, but particularly enjoyed the visit today. I went in “weepy”, and emerged cheerful.

Actually, I do count my blessings. I have work that I love, and there are many times that the kennels are quiet in every sense of the word. Perhaps the many grey, rainy days of this summer have got to me.

Must get started with the pets’ supper times.

Our own dinner tonight will be some wholesome invention of leftover roast chicken, with rice and vegetables. There are wonderful things to eat from the garden!

Take care, my friends. Hugs.

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