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Bug off! …

Pretty sure I have never said that to another human, but I had cause to think or exclaim it while bothered by a select few insects (or arachnids … wait for it) this week.

A few evenings ago, I was dozing in Gary’s chair when I felt an odd sensation on my right arm. To say that I woke suddenly is a bit of an understatement as I saw a centipede scurry toward by hand. Heart pounding and in an instant, I brushed the critter to the floor. I didn’t even see where it landed, but assumed it stayed in the floor and went under the buffet or the sofa.

That was wrong. Within a few moments, while I still felt troubled, the centipede was back on my left forearm. Again, I couldn’t see where the creature went when I brushed it off.

Normally I don’t torture or kill anything. In fact, I don’t ask, “What would Jesus do?” but rather, “What would Shelly do?”, remembering her propensity for saving most every living thing, creepy or not. But I had had about enough of being crawled over by a nightmare.

I got out the can of Raid and sprayed all around, under and on the recliner. Couldn’t see the centipede. I sat back down, trying to calm myself and trying to imagine a day that I would forget the sensation of an insect with that many legs crossing my skin.

And then it happened again! Mr. Centipede was on my right arm, and in a second, he was on the floor and had met his Maker. I wish I could say that I slept well that night. I didn’t, but it wasn’t because I regretted killing my tormentor.

So, fast forward to today. In the meanwhile, I have mercifully trapped and released moths, bees and spiders from shop and house. But driving 110 km. down the highway to Dunster this morning, I felt a weird feeling like Velcro touching my bare cleavage. Trying not to drive off the road, I brushed this little monster, a large spruce sawyer beetle, to the floor of the truck.

I carried on with my visit to the Farmer’s Market, forgetting my alarm at the insect being right on my chest (thank goodness he didn’t go down my shirt). The visiting was great, the coffee and donut too, and then I got a text from someone wanting to come to the kennels. So I left.

Wouldn’t you know it? I was horrified to have the same (presumably) big bug crawl across my hand. I have not hunted that tormentor down, and I won’t, if he doesn’t bother me again at any speed.

A few hours later, while feeding and tending to the many boarders, I saw something move on the front of my sweater. I was sporting a huge spider! I just brushed him or her off and carried on with my afternoon.

When will it end? I can’t very well move, or burn the truck, house and kennel building.

I’m being facetious, but I’m a little spooked at attracting so many icky beings. At least none of them bite, or bit me.

On a cheery note, the many beautiful pet beings occupy my time and mind. There are Baxter, Sadie, Cedar, Cara & Tucker, Bandit, Nocona & Roper, Festus, Sasha, Chuckles, Rosie, Eirwen, Buster, and Natilla. Hola the cat arrived and Maggie Mae went home, and Duke and Lady are temporarily in the care of their family’s friends.

Each boarder comes with his or her own food and treats, and often some supplements or medication. With the experience of thirty-five years, I don’t find keeping straight all the diets and meds difficult. I am, however, feeling tired.

Gary came home last night! He had a marvellous time in Manitoba.

My project on the porch, a little facelift, surprised him. I had moved out a behemoth of a set of shelves, and moved in a couple of “garage” cabinets. I only gained a few inches of space but there are, at least, doors, so it looks tidier. As one might expect, the countertop on my “side” is already more cluttered than his. 🤷🏼‍♀️

That was one of my rainy-day projects while my husband was away. I should have been doing my overdue taxes, but I think this made me feel even better, and was less daunting.

Almost all that I was “up to” while my dear sidekick was away, I’ve already shared with you.

A regal soul, “Prince”

“Maggie Mae” from Iowa, a new friend

Well, my friends, I’ve explained my post traumatic bug disorder and some of my week with pets and without my Gary.

If it quits raining and we get some dry days and heat, the hay crops will be ready in our Valley, and that is desperately needed whether we have two horses or a herd of cows. The gardens will all produce better produce, not just chickweed and grasses. Then we can all complain to each other about the heat.

Love you! 💕

Sky over Osoyoos, BC

One thought on “Bug off! …

  1. Ann, this is an absolute horror story . . . OMG!!! I hope there won’t be a Chapter 2 of this buggy saga, it made my skin crawl just reading about your experiences.

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