Life and Pets

Rain, rain, rain …

Now it seems like some kind of miracle, or at least a bit of luck, that we had a day dry enough to mow the lawn. It took many hours to dry enough even in the high spots, and then for me to have the energy in the late afternoon/evening was also unusual.

That was the day I took myself out for dinner and felt loopy on a small glass of wine and was irritable at another patron for being too arrogant. These things do pass … I wish the rainy season would pass. I don’t remember a July so wet.

Having said that, the month before I married Pat in 1976, he had to go back and forth from Olds to the farm at Dunster, and I remember him saying that some of the hay was so rotten it had to be “just pushed into the bush”. So that was a terribly wet summer. Forty three years have passed, and I don’t remember the weather from one season to the next.

Duke and Lady have gone with a family friend for a change of scene, for a few days. I don’t mind; they are content here but enjoy time spent with their “auntie” Carolyn and will have more freedom. They get a couple of extra car rides out of the deal!

At the Pet Hostel almost anything is “okay”, as long as I know when dogs are due to be picked up or delivered. Otherwise, I am always waiting, tied down, or worrying, or all of those.

Everyone is dry and warm enough, except for the odd dog who insists on standing outside of their snug doghouse or other shelters. I do fret about those few, but we simply don’t have indoor spaces for everyone. Even so, the kennel building smells of wet dog, and I think I do also.

This was the view from the hot tub last night. For awhile, there was no rain, and no thunder either. It was so peaceful.

I groomed my favourite “Schnoodle” yesterday. Shadow is the most pleasant little guy, trusting and sweet for everything. I am careful how I carry him, as he is inclined to flail or thrash, and once sprained one of my fingers. He tries to climb on his owners’ heads when they pick him up, so I take extra care to file his nails as smooth as possible.

I also groomed my favourite Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Okay, Cara is the only Wheaten I see regularly, and that’s not often. It’s not often enough, as the dear girl gets matted between visits.

One time I consented to “dematting” Cara; her owner thought that the dog seemed ashamed when sheared short. I struggled with that job for extra hours, and felt exhausted and defeated. I averred that I would never put the dog or me through that again. Sure enough, I’ve never been asked to. To me, Cara doesn’t seem ashamed, only relieved and joyful.

I scheduled a quieter day for myself, and though I have a couple of check-ins and check-outs and nail trims, I can continue with my attempts to declutter and clean. I’m selling or giving away items I never expected to part with, such as books, canning jars and serving dishes. Some things I just leave in our “swap shed” or give to the thrift store. So far, I don’t miss anything, nor have any regret.

Something I didn’t share with you was this gift from Gary. I described how dogs could slip their “tether” from an ordinary hook on the wall, a necessary though minimal restraint for a dog’s safety. Gary forged a better hook for me … sometimes the smallest things are the finest gestures. A dog can’t release itself from this hook, but I can quickly undo it when needed. Game changer!

the thing he made

Roper and Nocona frolic in the big exercise yard.


Wagner visited this morning just for a pedicure. He was such a good boy, nervous but obedient.

This is Maggie Mae. Her owners are hiking to Berg Lake for a few days, and dogs are not allowed. So Maggie’s stuck with me/us, but she’s adjusting well.

If I claim to have lots of rainy day projects, I guess I’d better quit chatting and get to some of them.

Hope you are well.

Love, Ann

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