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Hello Tuesday …

Best thing about Tuesday is that it’s not Monday. I don’t have a 9 to 5 job, nor is my work a monotonous grind, but it always seems like there’s less pressure after Monday. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I often refer to my work on the first weekday as “digging out from the weekend”, because Sunday night is usually a busier ‘check-out” time for pets. Mondays, I clean kennels, bowls and bedding, then groom any dogs or cats I’ve appointments for. Yes, much like other days.

I’m sitting with my second cup of coffee, and have fed and watered the two horses, and half the guests. There are only ten dogs boarding… Cara & Tucker, Roper & Nocona, Duke & Lady, Prince, Eirwen, Larkin and Carly.

There is quite an impressive thunderstorm happening, so I will do frequent rounds to reassure boarders. I know that many farmers cut down some hay yesterday with the hope that the rain would hold off a few days. I felt a few drops this morning, so that is not a good sign.

Oh no. It’s pouring rain right now.

Last night I mowed the lawn, as we had had one dry, hot day. I tried to do a good job, but I’m not well practiced at this. I can see that is is not tidy like when Gary does it. There could be areas I tidy up with the walk-behind mower (the majority of the yard is done with the ride-on), if we get another dry day!

The garlic harvest has started and I’m anxious to get back at it! If I had done some digging at 6 am. when I first got up, I would have some more to hang in the shed, out of the rain. Somehow this will all get done.

Last night, I took myself out for a meal. I was undecided whether to have “Korean fried chicken” or Chinese food, but the “Korean etc” restaurant was closed so I had a simple meal at the Kilin. I had one small glass of white wine, and it was excellent, and made me completely loopy! It tasted like “more” but I thought better of it.

There was a loud, obnoxious patron at the next booth, and though he said nothing to me, his behaviour upset me. If I had had two glasses of wine, who knows what could have happened …

On my schedule today there is just my favourite little schnauzer, who is not pure schnauzer but a mix. Shadow is a “schnoodle”, a poodle schnauzer cross.

Another possible appointment today is a boarder named Cara. She’s a Wheaton Terrier, and of necessity, her haircut is a complete shear-down. Will share an “after” photo later.

Oh my goodness! The last clap of thunder shook the house and rattled the windows! I knew it was coming because I saw the flash through the window, looking as if it was all around us.

And now, oddly, the sun is out and the rain has stopped for who knows how long. I’d better get my butt in gear and accomplish some tasks before my next scheduled/earned “coffee time”!

Lovely to talk to you all for a little while.

Love, Ann

Brothers three: Steven, Jeffrey, Gary

Smokey helping… even though I found her a different mat to lie on, she has to keep her paws on my sewing project.

2 thoughts on “Hello Tuesday …

  1. Thunder in SoCal is extremely rare, but I grew up in the Midwest and remember clearly how it sounded and how the sky looked when electrified with lightning. Love the photo of Gary and brothers . . . I gather this reunion is an annual event? Thanks for keeping in touch, Ann.

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