Life and Pets

Happy Saturday …

So far so good! I slept in until after 7 am, though I had wakened at 5, let the dog out for awhile, then we both went back to bed.

Now everyone is fed, watered and reassured and I am drinking coffee and chatting with you. At this time, the canine boarding contingent is Carly, Hunter, Duke & Lady, Roper & Nocona, Cedar, Bodhi, Lily and Eirwen.

We still have the beautiful cat, Herman, because I am waiting to ask my friend who had a medical crisis if she is in agreement about giving him away. I have a notion that having Herman around could make Becky feel better, then she can surrender him officially if necessary. It was her well-meaning sons who brought Herman to me while their mom was hospitalized, saying I need to find him a home.


I didn’t schedule any grooming for today as I wanted to get back to some of my projects, which still involve decluttering and minor “face-lifting” in the house.

A new favourite boarder went home yesterday. I had fun and loving times with Fritz. His owners were worried about me being willing to groom Fritz without help … I didn’t admit that Gary would be on vacation this week. Shelly would help if I asked. In the end, although Fritz was nervous and a bit snappy, I finessed the task with no injury to dog or groomer, as usual. He looked cute, felt young and frisky, and I forgot to get a new photo.


in mid-week, I groomed this dog, whose owner believes him to be a boxer, “maybe not pure…” . Funny things happen in genetics, also in a dog business, and it usually is of no consequence if I cannot see in the dog the breed he is believed to be. Does that make sense? Sometimes it makes a difference while I try to give an estimate for grooming on the phone, but not for “Quincy”. I quoted for a boxer, and this is what I got:

Quincy’s owner said, “He’s a belligerent dog. You’ll need to muzzle him.” . I felt duly warned, but Quincy was sweet and didn’t try to snap at me, or Smokey. I think the dog is quite touchy about his feet, but his nails had just been done at the vet clinic.

I am always grateful when owners are realistic about their own pet’s behaviour and give me fair warning or advice. Still, if anyone truly thinks I can’t handle a task (whether grooming or something else!), I consider it a personal challenge, a dare, a double-dog-dare! On the other hand, though there is always more to learn, I try not to court injury or disaster either … if a pet wants to be aloof, touchy, or even aggressive, we give them some space.

Happy Birthday to our amazing Juno!

๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• Four years old today … beautiful little person. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Gary is out at Gimli, Manitoba and today they celebrate Juno’s birthday, and the birthday of cousin Wendy, who is 70. This is part of a reunion planned by Gary’s youngest uncle. Paul has planned and executed a function for quiet a number, and it is going very well. There are many who haven’t seen each other for decades, and this is all appreciated.

It looks like our weather might smarten up today. I’m eye-balling the lawns, wondering when the grass will be dry enough to mow … and then I will need to mow. Farmers might cut hay, with their fingers crossed.

I am satisfied that I stayed home from the parties in Manitoba.

While Gary has been away, in just a few days, we’ve learned of a few human friends dying, and quite a number of pets also. Seems to go like that … in stages. So it seems like a rather poignant week, but I’m so happy in this beautiful place with work and “company” I love.

I’m sure I have more to tell you, but I need to get stuff done! Hope you all have a pleasant weekend. Talk soon!

Love, Ann

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