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Friday night in the Robson Valley …

Wine glass was a gift from treasured friend, Beth. I am not responsible for the size. 😉

The explanation will be anti-climactic. Gary and I are back in our “places” … me (with Cinder) on the couch and he in his recliner chair (the one he said we didn’t need but I bought for him anyway). We love our evening TV watching and we’re not apologetic about it, even if, even though we have friends who don’t watch television. They are so noble. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Tonight I actually did put wine in my special glass, but not even half a glassful. It’s huge! The wine (some British Columbia dry white) is delicious. I’m down for the count, at least until it’s time to check on all the doggy and kitty guests again.

I asked Gary for a suggestion for supper involving what was left of our roast chicken, and he helpfully answered, “… something with pasta?” Voila: sort of chicken masala. I didn’t have masala, so opened the white wine 😉. Didn’t have mushrooms on hand. The creation turned out quite a bit like my Alfredo dishes, but not quite so toe-curlingly full of garlic and Asiago. It was pretty good, if I may say so. And Gary almost always seems to like the meal and thanks me. This is encouraging, I admit.

Chicken Masala Schwartz


We have greens from the garden too.

It has been a rather uneventful day, though there was plenty of work to do this morning. In the kennel building, I was still vacuuming up the collie hair from yesterday … the high velocity drier created a hurricane! The result was exquisite: Pluto’s family had not let him get too matted, so he didn’t look “moth-eaten” when the job was done. He looked and smelled wonderful. He is also a prince to groom.

Pluto, a purebred Rough Collie


In the Pet Hostel, I need to keep training the humans. This morning I made room for a small sensitive pet whose owner had made a reservation for boarding a couple of weeks ago. I have seen the owner several times since, and there was no mention of a change in plans, or even a hint that the booking was “tentative”. Turns out, I prepared and waited for nothing. When I tried to confirm, the client told me that they had decided to leave the wee dog with a family member.

Then I went to town and found out that someone else was not bringing their dog, and they intended to phone but, since they had made the reservation on the street in McBride, they assumed I didn’t write it down anyway. I don’t habitually forget to make note of bookings. It can happen, but doesn’t happen often.

We have plenty of four-legged companions anyway! There are dogs Carly, Shadow, another Shadow, Chalco, Scout, Kona, Maggie, Baxter, Stella, Milo, Lily, and Shelly’s little Maya. We have Shelly’s cats Rye and Max, and Herman, who is up for adoption and highly adoptable.



I took a break this afternoon to go to the McBride Community Market, post office, the grocery store, and Welcome Home.

The proprietor of Welcome Home, Francesca, is beautiful and stylish, but she forbid me to include her in photos. Reluctantly, I ceded to her wish. Here, especially for Shay, are a couple of pics of my most welcoming coffee shop:

It is rare that there is nobody at the tables shown and in the intimate corner at the back. I may have thoughtfully excluded some locals at the front of the store. I’m sure you get the idea about why I look forward to resting and/or visiting in this charming place.

Perhaps I mentioned that this week I purchased five mature hens from my friend Leah. It was my choice to look for chickens who are grown, and not likely to be picked on by the remaining two old chooks in the hen house. Also, roosters typically being oversexed jerks, I didn’t want tiny young things to be harassed to death by our “John”, no matter how gentlemanly he might seem.

While I didn’t get a photo of the new hens together, I will show you this one, the only white hen. I’m willing to give her a chance and some space, but the first day I had the newcomers and had turned to admire and gather the three eggs they had laid, this bitch flew at my back and raked me from neck to waist. Now I really keep my eye on her and never turn my back. I usually have a bowl in my hand that I could wield in her direction, but some day I might have a stick to protect myself. Or an axe. You are on notice, you flighty, squawky white girl.

damn chicken

I love you for reading this blog, thank you, my friends.

As ever,


6 thoughts on “Friday night in the Robson Valley …

  1. Pluto is absolutely stunning… Wow! Herman reminds me of our Heman (formerly Hermione until the obvious showed) despite being different coloring. I think Hermans must be good kitties.

    Thank you for showing your dear coffee shop! As if I wasn’t already thinking “Hell, half the house is in boxes anyway, since we weren’t sure we were moving” I’m even more tempted to haul myself and fur babies North.

    All I can say to that white chicken… “Fricassee”

    Love and relaxation to you!

  2. Welcome Home looks just the way I pictured it . . . charming, warm and inviting! Thank you, Ann, for including the photos for your readers! As for Squawky White Girl, those feet look like lethal weapons!! I would definitely keep my distance, Ann . . . scary!

    I enjoy hearing about, and seeing pictures of, the food you prepare for you and Gary. Although I don’t cook nearly the way I did before Brook died, I still love to read recipes and try a new one now and then. Had a few guests for dinner last night and tried this interesting summer salad which was a big hit . . . Tomato & Watermelon Salad. Sweet, juicy watermelon chunks with heirloom tomato, red onion, basil & feta cheese with a red wine/balsamic vinaigrette. It was not only attractive, it was quite delicious.

    I agree with Liz and was going to say the same thing about Pluto . . . he is truly stunning! And another breed I never heard of, Rough Collie. Just Googled it and read all about the breed (it’s Lassie, my fav as a litle girl).

    • Thank you, Shay, for your encouragement! That salad sounds wonderful and you sharing about it is another level of encouragement.
      I know you are missing Brook this week especially.

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