Life and Pets

Rainy days …

Aagh… we’ve had enough rain. The level of water in our unused well is at an all-time high and we wish we could share. The yard is soggy.

It’s gloomy and oppressive, but better than having not enough precipitation. Still, farmers need to put up hay soon, so that’s worrisome. I have many rainy-day projects to tackle, but feel unmotivated.

I did cut up a couple of comforters and hemmed them for doggy blankets this morning. I cut some jeans up for patches or projects. As usual, Smokey helped.

A few pets have gone home from the long weekend, and now we have Shadow, Chuckles, Ajax, Rosie, Carly and Lily, and Shelly’s pets Maya, Rye and Max.

With mixed feelings, I took in a cat tonight who belongs to a gravely ill friend. I don’t want Herman to go to a shelter per se. He is such a lovely pet, but I have been feeling that my two beloved cats are enough. We will see what Smokey and Sam think of Herman. Photo to follow … you will adore him on sight. My friend’s family aver that their mother will never want, nor be able to have, the cat back.

I feel sad. This friend who is giving up her pet is my age, 64. My friend who died last week was 65. This is very sobering. Damn it.

Both of these fine women had challenging or difficult childhoods and some dreadful situations in their adult lives. MJ found some genuine joy in her last years, quite a lot of happiness in family and friends. So I believe.

Yesterday I sat in the hot tub to ease some physical achiness. This was the view. Though I don’t mind sitting in the rain in the spa, for a few hours the sun shone.

Yesterday a friend who lives near McBride took these photos of our town and surrounding lands (and waters), from Teare Mountain.

Photo credit ~ Jeannette Chiupka

Rosie arrived this morning.

Carly went home a few minutes ago, but will be back soon.

Rotax and Bernadette were here for just a couple of days. They were both loving and obedient.




Sasha takes a spin around the exercise yard.

Briley comes to stay with us when his owner is working in our area.

Briley, a Karelian Bear Dog

Our neighbours had a moving sale two weekends in a row. Not saying what treasures I found. I thought the couple must be exhausted with exertion and emotion, so I made and delivered a pizza. It was well received.

Can you stand another food photo? For dinner tonight, we had seafood cakes, herbed couscous, asparagus and spinach salad. I only took a pic of the salad.

I actually forgot a couple of ingredients that would normally be in a spinach salad, but we enjoyed the delicious greens sent over by Sharon of Dunster.

HAPPY CANADA DAY, one and all!

I have made a change to my business hours. I’ll probably always make exceptions for people who can’t avoid a delay in picking up a pet, but I want to “close” at 8 pm.. For many years, I have set 7 am to 9 pm as my business day, though I explain that everything is “by appointment”. Does that make sense? We appreciate knowing times for folks dropping off and picking up for both grooming and boarding, but they need to fall within our hours.

I haven’t YET charged extra for “after hours”. One interested party wanted to know if she could drop off her dog either at 11 pm at night or 5 am in the morning. I said that I would charge $20 extra, and I never heard back from her. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Well, now that it’s 9 pm, my mind is going to mush. I’m glad you are there and that you read this blog.

Love, Ann

2 thoughts on “Rainy days …

  1. You’re sounding downish, Annie . . . the gray days will do that to me, too. My dearly departed partner thought at one time that he would like to retire in the Pacific Northwest. After spending several trips checking out that possibility, I told him that it just would not work for me so we abandoned the idea. Hoping the sun breaks through the murk and the rain stops . . . I’m sure then you’ll feel much brighter!!

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