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Days that go sideways …

Yesterday afternoon, I was writing to you about bobotie. I hadn’t meant to “Publish”. I had been to town for a little break and errands, but had not heard that a friend had died.

Then I started seeing cryptic Facebook posts, but could not tell exactly what the sad news was. I finally texted someone privately who shared with me that one of McBride’s favourite citizens was “lost” to us. MJ Billy had died suddenly, and I still don’t know the details.

Today I had three “easy” dogs to groom, so I set some bun dough to rise while I worked in the kennels. Eventually I made some large meat and cheese loaves, and some cinnamon buns for Gary.

The loaves ended up so large they look like submarines … not sub sandwiches, actual submarines. So I don’t know if the dough-to-filling ratio is what I intended, but the food will be a hearty snack anyway.

I just got back from delivering the baking to the home of MJ’s closest friend. There, we talked and cried a lot, but I didn’t stay too long as I know Sara was tired from grief and having to organize many people and do many things.

Now MJ’s passing seems too real, and I’m finding the rest of the day difficult.

Sara told me that recently she and MJ had a discussion about illness and death. MJ had quipped, “Don’t you make no fuss over me!” I could hear MJ’s voice in the quote. She was forever selfless, non-judgemental, and upbeat no matter what she had gone through or what others were going through.

Gone too soon, she was 65 and looking forward to retirement.

It was good to stay busy this morning. I groomed this beauty, Revvy, who resembles a tiny wolf. She is well behaved for everything. Revvy was leery of the cat, but there were no cross words between them.


The others are a pair from the same family, and very attached to each other. When I’m grooming Bailey, the blue heeler, Jiggs, the “Frenchton” whimpers softly. And when it is Jigg’s turn for bath and nails, Bailey yelps and cries piteously while she watches and frets. I considered having both dogs on my grooming table and in the tub at the same time, but that is not as safe.



These three little guests are from the same family.




Ajax, too, is a favourite guest. He has a beguiling look to go with his good disposition.

Last night’s dinner was Bobotie.

I was trying to think, earlier in the day, what kind of dish to make with ground beef that was not, you know, a hamburger. So here you go.

You can read up on bobotie or take my word for it: it’s a south african sweet curry dish not unlike “moussaka”. I didn’t get too technical about what to serve with it … rice, naan and spinach seemed good. The bobotie, the one pictured, was yummy.

Tonight we had pork chops, perogies and broccoli.

So, today didn’t go sideways, exactly. Today went quite smoothly. I was pleased that the baking for the bereaved family turn out well … unique, perhaps, as it was my own invention. Dog grooming was satisfying and uneventful, even in the dogs’ minds. So it seemed.

Hold your loved ones close, whenever you can.




MJ, now singing with angels.

Our sweet youngest granddaughter, Linden.

One thought on “Days that go sideways …

  1. I Googled it and found a jillion recipes! It sounds delicious, but I would have to cut it at least in half since I’m cooking for one. I just may give it a try!

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