Life and Pets

Hey, it’s what I signed up for …

I can’t remember who used that expression within earshot of me, but it’s a rather versatile quip and notion.

When I feel pushed or sore or exhausted, ” This is what you signed up for” goes through my head. Goes hand in hand with admonishing myself when tired or self-pitying thoughts sneak in.

Right now, my idea of taking care of myself is to sit with my feet up talking to you, pretending not to complain about, well, anything.

I needed a little break from tending dogs, but several are still barking for their share of attention or trying to engage their neighbours in play. I just hollered, “QUIET!” from my chair inside the house, and little Cinder, napping beside me, didn’t even twitch. The dogs outside heard me, but are not mindful.

I groomed Nocona and Roper today. Both were fidgety but pleasant and loving. They got practical, short haircuts.


The roster at the Pet Hostel:

Duke & Lady, Larkin, Thor & Mud, Winston, Buddy, Khuno, Zeus, Carly, Tilly, Festus, Kenya & Cedar, Sorrel, Sadie, Lilly, and Duke (another Duke), Laya, Dotty and Zeus from the same family (different Zeus).

Khuno while he gets toenails trimmed

I think that one Zeus, Carly, and Tilly are from the same litter from about 9 years ago, an accidental breeding with ten puppies. But these three dogs do not know each other and would not get along.

Yesterday a stranger dropped a handsome dog, found running down the highway. Due to the magic of Facebook, Tony’s owner was found in less than an hour, and he was picked up.


I treasure this little dog, but in the past couple of years, she has become seriously overweight. As her “babysitter”, I am quite concerned.


This wee fellow is one of the most appealing canines ever! He is Murdoch, a “Frenchton”. His owners take the utmost good care of him, but are also training him well from the start …


It’s a beautiful day! I have peas and beans soaking, and if I can get back on my feet I will plant those. Then I can start more rounds” of feeding, watering, reassuring, some grooming and poop-scooping before several go home this evening.

I haven’t found anyone to mow two lawns for me in town yet, so I need to get at that some day soon. I am so fortunate that Gary takes care of all of the mowing here, all of the weed-whacking and almost all of the vegetable gardening.

Gifts of the Spring:

While cleaning kennels this morning, I noticed a container garden that I planted last year with large divisions of hosta. I had forgotten all about that until I saw this.

These modest little sprouts will soon be a lush and pretty plant. That any hosta survives in a metal trunk is great; sometimes container gardens just freeze too much in our harsh winters.

I love all the flowers. The narcissuses and daffodils are spent and we still enjoy the tulips all over the place. Here are the Dicentra, bleeding hearts:

I forget the proper name for this, but common name is Bishop’s Cap, I think.

I need to haul my weary ass outside again. This is what I signed up for. Lol

It’s still a beautiful day, so there’s that. Supper is going to be quite simple, like macaroni and cheese (not KD). We have had meat for two meals today so I feel like we can skip it.

Love you for reading my blog. Hugs to you all.

~ Ann

p.s. I am going to wait until this evening to proofread this or tweak photos, so forgive me. πŸ˜‰


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