Life and Pets

More running, more of the same …

It is, after all, Victoria Day long weekend. Earlier this month, I had it in my head that the “May Long Weekend” was next week. I did realize my mistake in time to save my sanity, such as it is, and to keep track of guests.

I didn’t get to town today, but there was little reason to go. Once I made up my mind to have “coffee time” here, I was available to answer the phone several times and greet one unexpected guest.

I also kept my nose to the grindstone, as they say, and got three little dogs groomed.

Dotty, Cinder’s grandmother


Laya, Cinder’s mother


Duke, Cinder’s sire

Laya and Duke are a son and daughter of Dotty … and oops! They bred and had a litter. They had Cinder and siblings.

The big sidekick to the three pomeranians is Zeus. He is anxious but pleasant.

Sorrel arrived tonight. She has been here only once before, but seemed to settle in well.

Festus came for a week. I worry about this guy, as he has a history of cancer, but it seems to be in remission. Everyone who loves him is amazed.

Sam is as good as Smokey at supervising. He tends to stay more in the background, but occasionally chooses a very high post. Doesn’t he look imperious?

In the outdoor runs, we have Duke & Lady, Thor & Mud, Winston, Cato, Khuno, Zeus #2, Tilly, Buddy and Briley. Larkin is arriving tomorrow, and Briley going home.

We had these beautiful two just for the day, Copper and Coda. They will be back tomorrow while their owners do some sledding (snowmobiling) in the area.

“Peas in a pod”: Coda and Copper






I groomed a sweet cat today, Loki . She only had matts on her belly and “armpits”, so I shaved them off and brushed her all over. Like my Sam, she seemed to enjoy the buzzing clippers, but resented the comb.

Another favourite regular guest is Bella. She comes for toenail clipping only.

My friends, I can hardly keep my eyes open. Thank you for reading my blog!

Love, Ann


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