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Run, run, run, and so much fun …

Today has seemed busy, but it takes less commotion to tire me than, say, a few years ago.

Someone should warn young (and middle-aged) people not to treat 64 year olds like they’re OLD, or heaven forbid, less intelligent. It enrages us. Drives us to drink!

I have already digressed. It has been a a very good day, during which I did not feel infirm. But now I am tired and I realize that I didn’t accomplish half of what I set out to do.

And I got into … I kid you not … two cans of three year old Zinfandel, bought as stocking stuffers long ago. The first sip tasted skunky, and then my fate was sealed. Each can is clearly labeled, ” 2 Servings”. So there you have it. Though the cans are very slender and look like no more than a small glass each, I have now consumed more than my share. I’ve had a can-and-a-half and it’s time to pretend I’m sober and serve up supper.

Luckily I orchestrated supper before I had this wine: we have tabouli, plain basmati rice, coleslaw and seafood cakes. I’ll go dish that up and be back soon.

Sasha had a bath, brush and nails this morning. She is a big sweetheart, and though she showed some objection to getting her nails clipped and Dremeled, she did not bite.

I had two “walk-ins” this morning. They were not really walk-in-ins, as their owner phoned and asked when the two dogs could come for grooming, and I said, “This morning, , any time”. Baylee, a blue heeler, and Jiggs, a Frenchton, were both humble and sweet.

I clipped Carly’s nails and brushed her, as she is going home tonight.

Carly and I are good friends. I sit on her dog bed to brush her and do her nails and talk with her. I think about Judy, who was her owner, along with Barry, left a widower almost three years ago. I miss Judy, though I was not as fine a friend as I wished later…

Yesterday, I groomed Briley, who I thought was going home shortly. In fact he might go home tomorrow. Briley is an intact male Karelian Bear Dog, rammy with hormones, and highly charged because that’s his breeding. Sometimes he barks all night and at other times, he’s humble and “engaged” (with his human caregiver).

Briley almost falls asleep while being brushed.

The thick towel muffles the sound of the high velocity dryer.

A lot of undercoat handily lands in the tub.

Tonight, in my Zinfandel stupor, I am waiting for Kato to arrive and Carly to go home, and then I can perhaps find another beverage for a nightcap. I wish I had Shay nearby to visit with, or my Uncle John, with whom I could share “a wee dram”. (Neither of the aforementioned loved ones drinks very much!) Neither do I.

Tomorrow will be busy. There are four sweet dogs (and more) coming for boarding over the Victoria Day weekend, some of whom are Cinder’s relatives. I said yes to grooming “the poms”, and I will get back to you regarding exactly which ones those are. Two of the poms will be Cinder’s parents, who are, in fact, brother and sister. Oh, brother, my dog is inbred. Lol ๐Ÿ˜

Yes, Friday will be busy, but I hope I can reserve Saturday for the Dunster Farmers Market, yard sales, and bedding plant sales. I do my best to book time for “myself”, or time with Shelly and/or Adrien. Sometimes even my Gary!

I must say goodnight. Gary is waiting for a customer to show up with a horse to examine and trim, and I’m still waiting for dogs coming and going. For both of us, the fun continues tomorrow!

Love, Ann

I supervise twelve dogs and a parrot from my cozy vantage point.


2 thoughts on “Run, run, run, and so much fun …

  1. I cannot imagine drinking wine from a can, doesn’t it have a metallic taste??!! Good idea to drink it all up and move on to something in a bottle, that’s my opinion. I wish, too, that we lived closer and could visit in person, but right now I’m going to bed as tomorrow morning I must be up early for my volunteer day at the hospital. Hard to believe I’ve been doing it every Friday for 15 years!! Nightie night, Annie . . .

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