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A very fine not-paying day …

Yesterday afternoon we found that the drains in our house were clogged. Poor Gary worked to exhaustion trying to clear the lines with a plumber’s snake, hoses with pressurized water, and brain power, but he eventually let me call the plumber. Rod sent his team this morning, the “rescue squad”, in a sense.

The problem was solved in a couple of hours, and a “clean-out” was added, and some other mysterious (to me) maneuvers performed. The blockage or blockages had built up over time.

I stayed out of the way and took care of dogs. Gary and I shared the expense of the plumbing rescue.

I was grateful to have this work today. “S’More” is a beloved farm dog, another one who gets sheared once per year. The old girl is humble and kind, and does not seem to mind any part of her annual spa experience.


I was in the house for lunch when an unfamiliar car arrived in the yard. I was hungry and a tiny bit grouchy and blurted out, “I wasn’t expecting you!”. The driver replied that he had forgotten my phone number, and I also think he didn’t recall my name.

Once he politely asked if he could make an appointment for his small dog (at first I thought he was asking about his large dog, and this alarmed me), I cheerfully offered to take “Muffin” right away.

Owner told me to leave the blue paint on Muffin’s tail. This got me thinking that they might enjoy some enhanced colour on the dog. At any rate, her tail was matted and some of the “accidental” blue got combed right out. So this is the result of my “creative grooming”:


Muffin was pretty good for body clipping, but touchy about her legs and feet. Her back dewclaws were curled around into the pads, which would be uncomfortable indeed, but with a special tool and antiseptic powder, I fixed those.

Her owner called his little dog, “gorgeous”. Yay! I wasn’t certain he’d like what I did … I should have asked first.

I did a few errands after that and got back to greet S’More’s owner, and an incoming boarder. It seemed like a big enough day, and I didn’t accomplish much after that.

Oh! Dinner was pork chops baked in brown rice and almond milk, and roasted broccoli like Shay makes. I ate too much.

As guests at the Pet Hostel, we have Sasha, Carly and Tilly, another Tilly, Winston, Briley, Duke and Lady. More will arrive for Victoria Day long weekend.




Clark and Jack were here only for the day on Monday. They are bonded to each other, but they don’t mind being with their “Auntie Ann”.

My friends and loved ones, I started chatting with you quite late, and I need to turn in.

Love, Ann

p.s. Shay sent me this priceless pic of Linden eating toast at a restaurant, a Mother’s Day brunch. Susan, Laine, Linden and Shay were out together. Doesn’t our baby look so full of good humour? Linden is, indeed, healthy and happy.


One thought on “A very fine not-paying day …

  1. S’more is a beauty, and yeah, I kind of get “enhancing” Muffin’s fur. I did that to our dog years ago, and she ate up all the bonus attention. So long as it doesn’t hurt the doggily…
    Drains are a necessary evil – but if it took YEARS to build up, maybe you won’t have to deal with this again for another 30 or so.
    Linden… Those eyes! You’re killin’ me, Smalls!
    I hope you rested well. Thank you again for sharing your guests.

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