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Happy Mother’s Day to all!

The morning was busy with Gally & Patch, Baxter, Carly, Dexter & Jazz, Cedar & Kenya, Winston, Hunter, Briley, Rosie and Buster. Such a lovely bunch of souls, even the ones who wake us at 4 am with their doggy responses to the train across the Valley, or the greeting of the first light of day. At some point they are all simply barking at each other, or nothing … being vocal for the joy of it. There seems little we can do, some mornings, to quiet them.

Gally, Patch and Baxter were picked up, and then Shelly and I went to the annual Mother’s Day yard sale at Dunster. It is always a good visiting time, with a concession. I didn’t buy many treasures, but it was a treasure to have Shelly’s company and to see friends. There also was an art exhibit and Dutch auction.

It is an exquisitely beautiful day. The Mayday trees are in bloom. There are a few mosquitoes out, not too many. It’s a new season to complain about bugs, heat, and summer work like lawn mowing.

Shelly has reappeared … she dropped me off on her way back to the hospital for a shift she was asked to take, only to be told she wasn’t really needed! Maybe we’ll do some more driving around and visiting!

Love, Ann


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