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Finally Friday …

Now, normally, weekdays and weekends shouldn’t make much of a difference to this type of business. But I mark the days like most people, at least when I can think of which day of the week it IS.

This week I scheduled almost more grooming than I could handle. In the Facebook groomers’s groups I belong to, many shops and even individuals groom 6 or 8 or more dogs per day. I am comfortable with one or two, maybe three, depending on what sort of pets they are, condition of coat, etc.

I already told you about yesterday … at least today I didn’t forget anyone on the schedule, let alone call in some more! But today I groomed seven dogs, several of them just “mini trims” or bath/brush only.

Little Benji is his family’s pride and joy, and favourite of mine. His owners were telling me that at the time of a family funeral a few weeks ago, the stress of the extra commotion almost killed Benji! A veterinarian saved him, thank goodness.

Then Maggie had her annual shave-down. There is nothing else that could ever be done for this gentle, obedient farm dog, at least not when she only comes for grooming once per year. I think I “finesse” the job anyway, and it is tedious. Thank goodness for my lift table as she is sturdy (muscular), though not obese.

Pet Hostel

Maggie before

Pet Hostel

Maggie in progress

Maggie’s earthy aroma was actual making me teary-eyed. I have tried washing this dog before shaving, and that isn’t easier. I sprayed Febreeze right on my face and carried on. This girl is “good” for everything except a bit touchy for feet, and under her tail: I told her that we can’t very well leave urine-soaked matts hanging off her lady bits, it just wouldn’t do. She then wagged her matted tail and let me proceed.

For all this finesse and hard work, Maggie’s owner does not seem duly impressed, but he does say thanks and does not criticize, so I let the grooming fee feed my ego.

Then I groomed Sparky and his two Shih tzu sidekicks. Sparky only needed nails clipped and a brushing and sponge bath, and the little guys got baths and a little trim. The service for these three is included in their stay at the Pet Hostel.



Gally and Patch are here only until early Sunday morning. Owner politely asked if I had time to groom these exuberant boys, and said “no problem” if I didn’t. I thought … if I bath and brush them today, they will still be less “stinky and sheddy” by Sunday … so I pushed myself a little more. Voila!

The two Labradors were not impressed with the procedures, and I had to do quite a bit of handling to get them onto the table, into the tub, and back. Even so, they are even tempered, never trying to bite for nails or lifting or anything, and both allowed Smokey to visit on the table when they might rather have chased her.




Gallagher aka Gally


Do I really have to put up with this?

I’m relieved to be sort of “ahead of the game”. Tomorrow I only have a couple of sweet dogs for toenail clipping. I never know … someone else whose dog is already boarding might take a notion to ask for grooming, but if so, I’m ready.

There is at least one yard sale to attend! I plan to “revisit” one I went to today, and then on Mother’s Day, there is always a giant sale at Dunster, with dozens of vendors. I would go just for the visiting!

There are more dogs going home and others coming.


2 thoughts on “Finally Friday …

  1. Oooh, Maggie is beautiful. I love youre description of your discussion with her. I wish she got groomed more often.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

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