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All the little Dears …

This family of sweet doggies came for their collective spa day today. Each one is as compliant and humble as the last, and it is truly a pleasure to groom them.





Sara with Smokey

So it was a pretty full day. Yesterday was a little easier, and I had Gus only. He gets sheared short a couple of times per year. Yes, the owner likes him with a topknot and bow.


Beautiful Tilly went home. Then the other lovely Tilly, just here for the day, went home too.

Laine took this photo of Susan and Linden. My heart is speechless.

The Pet Hostel has cleared out, and only Dusty, Zeus, and Kado remain for now. We will have other pets arrive for Easter weekend, which is good.

But we are most enthused about a visit from Susan, Laine and Linden, and Kim as well. I can hardly wait, or sleep!

Love, Ann


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