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Happy Sunday again …

The weeks fly by! We were both up early this morning, and we usually don’t dine out for Sunday breakfast anymore, so we’re finished that too.

Just scrambled eggs and toast for a simple starter today; actually I’m on a self-imposed “toast free” diet (joking, sort of). After weeks of eating light, I overindulged last night when we had a quasi-Indian feast. I drank 3 glasses of red wine, after not consuming any alcohol since early March. Also had too much to eat.

Only this morning, I realized that I had forgotten to take a photo of the “table”. For once, I didn’t go insane with quantities, but there was quite a variety.

To curb the sharp edge of hunger, I had put out an edamame trail mix, beet chips, small samosas with dipping sauce, and jalapeño garlic bread. Sharon and I got into the wine, called, “Yard Dog”. I had been tempted to buy that one because of the name … turns out it’s a nice wine.

The rest of the meal consisted of slow cooker Chicken Korma, Chana Masala, tri-coloured basmati rice, and coloured carrots with mushrooms, spinach and ghee. Also naan and more jalapeño bread.

I had made my own dried-fruit chutney, totally doing my own thing, and then looked it up on the internet. Apparently it’s a “thing”, and one can make it just as I did, by pulling out of the freezer and fridge anything that sounds like it belongs in a chutney or relish. If I may say, it was delicious even on a little slice of the jalapeño toast (so much for any eating plan).

For dessert, I made tiny cardamom cakes and offered them alongside a variety of dried fruits such as mangoes, dates, apricots, papaya and ginger. Nobody wanted coffee or chai, we were all so full! Or did I forget, after my alcohol consumption, to offer it?

Sharon and Zev were essentially the guests of honour, as it is soon to be Sharon’s birthday but she will be away. And of course, Shelly and Adrien are always treasured visitors! Even Cinder is filled with glee when Shelly arrives.

You’re still back at “edamame trail mix” and beet chips, aren’t you? No, it doesn’t fit with Indian fare. Not saying I am unfailingly authentic!

Yesterday, I was so far ahead of my plan and preparations for supper that I nipped into town for a couple items and went for “coffee” to Welcome Home. I had the rare opportunity to visit with a friend whose husband is Indian! She laughed at any notion that I should worry about authenticity. I’m not clear how often even they prepare ethnic food of any sort, though I know her to be a good cook.

The Pet Hostel is busy this weekend! Aside from having medium “numbers”, there are several who need carefully portioned and mixed meals, one who needs insulin injections twice daily, and a cat who gets thyroid medication. I love them all, and this is what I “signed up for”.

The cat is named Caco, then we have Dexter & Jazzmin, Sadie, Lucy & Archer, Clyde, Tilly, another Tilly, Zeus, Blitzen, Kado and Dusty.

Poor Caco is “out of her element” at our facility, though her owner tells me not to worry if she doesn’t eat. The kitty has been out of her cozy den to use the litter box but has seemed to shun her food. Although she takes meds for a thyroid condition, she isn’t on a special diet, so I prepared a smorgasbord in a different dish, hoping this will help.

Some await their treats more patiently than others. I didn’t get photos of everyone this morning. The “shop” cats are doing their best to get more “face time” with me instead of letting me compose a grocery list (in preparation for family dining next weekend!).

I must get back out there!

Hope everyone has a stellar day, and a restful one. This is not really our Sabbath, but I often “play the Sabbath card” … meaning that I don’t run as fast on Sundays if I don’t want to. I remind my Jewish husband that Saturday is his Shabbat, so he should be able to take things easier. Gary laughs, and goes out to work.

I am also not above playing the stroke card! I think I have an average/normal clarity of thought, more than I had a month ago, but now if I forget anything, I will say “Oh, it’s the stroke”. Or if I want to limit my grooming work. I’m only being a little facetious.

Love, Ann


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