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Run, run, run …

It seems like today has been one “on the move”. I’m not complaining, and I do not actually run unless a tiger is chasing me, but it has seemed busy.

In reality, it has been a day that started early and had several errands and “stops” to make. I feel so fortunate to have a spring in my stride.

I couldn’t get back to sleep after 6 am. so I soaked in the hot tub. That felt glorious, and today, I did not get a headache from it as I’d experienced in the last month.

Shortly after, I got a text about boarding a large dog right away. I hurried to make room, but the family’s plans changed: now I have room for a big dog arriving this evening. I always think, “It’s what I signed up for …”, and am pretty easy-going about short notice, delays, extensions and the like. I set limits for the comings and goings, but am flexible.

One thing about other people’s emergencies is that the situation usually tugs at my heart. I’ve had my experiences with my own ill and dying family members and I am empathetic. I’ve cried with and hugged dozens of customers, because they all seem like friends.

There are occasions that the only urgency regarding the pet boarding is that they forgot to phone. I’m understanding about that as well, and customer is invariably apologetic and grateful. We almost always have room, and at the point where I start thinking we’ll have to turn “short notice” customers away, the guests start going home again. As long as everyone is secure and happy!

Earlier, I hurried out to the “transfer station”, which is the dump, recycling, and “swap shed”. I got rid of household trash and shared a few treasures to the swap shed, and found a stroller there! It won’t matter if Linden needs it during our visit or not … it’s clean and serviceable seating if nothing else.

I stopped to see Shelly at her hospital workplace, taking her an Italian Soda from Welcome Home. That, of course, was one of the best stops and high points of my day.

I visited at the indoor market, “Shops On Main”. I was thrilled (lucky) to obtain the breads that I wanted for snacks and dinners, and I won a door prize just for showing up! The prize is a decorative Easter box containing cookies and home made Skor bars.

Me with my awkward, camera shy look.

While I was at the grocery store gathering ingredients for my version of an Indian feast tomorrow, I spoke to an acquaintance who seemed to recognize me. Jackie, who is a transgender woman, ask if she could get a ride. I had no idea where she lives now, or if she needed a ride someplace else, but I felt sure she remembered that I was Ann from the Pet Hostel.

I waited until Jackie made a quick detour near the grocery store, and then I asked where she wanted to go. She said, “Well, home!”, to which I had to reply, “Where’s that?” Already this was like “Who’s on First?”, where both parties are certain of the meaning and the direction of the convo. Her voice raised, she said that she was my neighbour at “the trailer court”, and finally I countered, “Who do you think I am and where do you think I live??”

In the end, it was no big deal to take Jackie home a few kilometres in the opposite direction from McBride, and to remind Jackie who I actually am. Evidently, I have two doubles in our little town, because something very similar happened two months ago, where a moment of confusion resulted in a similarly baffling conversation.

Maybe I need to start wearing a name tag. And if you saw the two women that I am supposedly “identical” to, you might be baffled as well.

All this before lunch. I like to be with Gary for lunch, when possible. He had chicken curried rice from last night, and I had a very simple salad. I remarked to Cinder, who watched me take every bite (after watching Gary eat his meal), “That was a whole lot of rabbit food!”, and my dear hubby remarked that I was “disciplined”. I appreciated that remark and take it as much needed support. How long I can discipline myself regarding eating habits, is a whole other thing!

I am trying to heed the doctors’ suggestions, plus those gleaned from Dr. Google. We all know lean, active people who have strokes or heart attacks. We know healthy people who die anyway (sorry to be so blunt). Even so, I admit that the episode and resulting investigations last month have frightened me.

I’ll behave as I usually have, count my blessings and be happy. Still, I’d like to hedge my bets according to the most current thinking on cardiovascular health.

I will “run, run, run” as long as I can, and as one of my dear readers commented, “… hope for a quick trip over the rainbow bridge when the time comes.”

Sorry that I repeat myself as I wax philosophical about things.

Hope you are as well as can be. I love you for reading this blog.

~ Ann

Sam returned for treats, the bitter de-worm pills forgotten.

Missy, a sweet poodle mix

Milo, a morkie (Maltese and Yorkshire terrier)

Cinder pretending to be a teddy bear

Clyde, a mastiff x labrador mix, huge but gentle as a lamb

Linden needs no explanation


2 thoughts on “Run, run, run …

  1. This is the most cogent line of your blog today: “I’ll behave as I usually have, count my blessings and be happy.” We should all follow suit which is what I mostly do anyway. Love you and love your blog!

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