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Jus’ sittin’

At the moment, I’m waiting for my first groom customer, and they are not late. I was telling Gary this morning that it’s almost as if I’m on “light duty”, because I haven’t had a great deal of grooming to do lately. I like to think that people are waiting for the warmer days of later Spring.

Heaven forbid if folks are wondering if I can work, because that is my joy. I didn’t want time off or lighter duty. A friend/customer joked that I should launch a GoFundMe campaign and go on vacation. Not going to happen. 😀

We do have a half- full house, even though Chester and Murdoch went home.

We have handsome Kado, a wolf-dog who is as amicable as any labrador, Dexter & Jazzmine, Pepper & Sunny, Dusty, Blitzen, Scout and Zeus. There are plenty of outdoor runs available, but I always fill the indoor/outdoor kennels first unless owner requests outdoor-only.

Kado (first two photos), and Scout, in the photo directly above, look very similar! Both are dogs fond of humans.

Taffy the guinea pig got her cage cleaned, and a bath. She has one toe that is swollen, and I treated that, and so far that seems the only thing wrong with the dear old pet.

This is Shelly’s Maya, with her snack of a horse hoof trimming, after Gary did his farrier work on the resident horses, Bud and Zoey.

This morning I “dewormed” my cats. Smokey swallowed her one pill with no fuss, and hardly stopped purring and eating for even a moment. Sam, on the other hand (a hand that is now bleeding), rose to the challenge and was indignant.

Sam is not a mean pet, but managed to spit out the first bitter pill. He was using his claws in protest. I needed to administer two pills because of Sam’s bigger size. Reluctantly, I got out the mesh cat grooming bag, which doesn’t upset most cats unless they are already enraged and intractable, but using it prevents claws from raking down one’s arm. Sam got his two pills, and then … left the building. I didn’t get a photo of the cat in the bag, but trust me, Sam didn’t suffer for the treatment that was for his own good (I had noticed tapeworm segments under his tail 🤢). By the way, both cats are far too savvy for me to sneak medication into their food.

I had the most marvellous surprise this week! My cousin Susan phoned soon after I had thought of her. We hadn’t talked or written for decades, though there is no rift. We don’t even live that far apart, a mere 9 hours by road, but our paths and worlds had not connected. Susan said she had been feeling nostalgic and started searching for cousins on the internet, found my Blog and liked it. I often speak of nostalgia in my Blog and had just written about that, and melancholia and regret.

Our daughter is named for cousin Susan.

Of course Susan’s call made my day (and month and year), along with phone calls from Deb and Helen and other friends and relatives and soul-siblings. Some didn’t know about the little stroke and some, well, just felt a cosmic connection of some kind. Each conversation fed my soul.

I should run along and get busier… that dog poop 💩 doesn’t scoop itself (though my Gary often helps!).

Love, Ann


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