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Happy, happy Sunday …

I’ve accomplished the bare minimum today, but the day’s still young.

At the Pet Hostel, we have Baxter & Moose, Pepper & Sunny, Buster Brown and Zeus. Several doggy guests went home yesterday. After these few pets were looked after, and the star boarders (the resident population), I watched a movie and set up supper in the crock pot.

Tonight’s dinner is pork bulgogi. Get out the small slow cooker, add lean (trimmed) chunks of pork or pork chops, a cup of bulgogi sauce … and forget it on low the rest of the day. Give it a stir if you want to. All of our pork comes from Shelly and Adrien, and we are fortunate.

I am thinking a lot about Easter week when Kim will be here from Calgary, plus the California contingent Susan, Linden and Laine. Hopefully, we will also see lots of Shelly and Adrien too. Because I’m joyful if our place to be party central, I will try to keep the food interesting and plentiful, the alcohol selection varied too. Here’s some baking that I will ferret away:

Had a chat with my sister Rae on the phone today. She was inquiring as to whether I had received the bracelet that she had found on Shopping Channel for me. I had received it, and it’s very pretty, and I should have written a thank you note. I had left a message on Rae’s home (farm) phone, tried her cell phone, written a text, and messaged on Facebook.

My sister was saying that, with all she has, and has had, to deal with, it is a wonder that she wasn’t the one who had a stroke and a heart attack. There is some truth to this, and life continues to be a big mystery to me.

Still, it made me think how much of my sister’s misery is a matter of choice. I’ve tried to stand by her, but sometimes when Rae tells me what her husband has said and done, I shake my head. It is not for me to judge, but I am human and I sometimes do.

I had to calm myself after the telephone call. Gary and I have had a lunch, I’ve made myself some tea, and I think I should get a little more accomplished today. It’s more fun talking to you!

The supervisors’ lunchtime conference:

Layla and Baron went home, unscathed by their first experience at doggy camp:

Carly “survived” the separation from her devoted owner, which I think was harder on him. I am always empathetic.

Cooper came for toenail trimming, and tolerated the dremel/filing very well. He met the ranch boss, Cinder.

Cara went home. I gave her an “exit bath” and brush out.

You can imagine that my “episode” of a month ago is on my mind a lot. I’m determined not to let this get me down or obsessed. Occasionally during my so-called adult years, I have quipped, “If only we could all just run and run until we wink out.”

My scary moments reminded me that any of us could wink out, and I don’t wanna. How did I get to 64 when yesterday I was 30? Most of the time, I still feel 30. (Sorry that I repeat myself … it’s my prerogative or my folly, but besides, not everyone reads this blog). I have no choice but to keep running or dancing through life, “doing what I’m doing” and being happy. It’s also just what the doctor ordered.

I had lunch on Friday with friends who are younger than I … the husband is four years younger and his wife, quite a bit younger. He had a subarachnoid bleed in January, I learned, and I hadn’t heard anything! He has come out of that unscathed, and we three had such a good and philosophical visit. Like us, our friends have a rather wholesome lifestyle, though they worked ten times harder with their large cow/calf operation. They told me that farming isn’t fun for them any more, and they are taking steps to retire to “merely” a quarter section in the BC Interior. That’s still a lot of land, but a small fraction of what they have stewardship over now.

When I said goodbye to our friends in the afternoon, I said to “W”, “No more episodes, okay??”, to which he responded, “I won’t if you won’t!”

Stay well everyone. Call or write any time!

Love, Ann


3 thoughts on “Happy, happy Sunday …

  1. Receipt of your blog was a refreshing break from what I was doing on my computer, which was attempting to create something on Shutterfly after having been away from it for several years. Honestly, I just about went out of my mind and finally decided to walk away and try it another day . . . or not!

    So happy for you that you’re having a relaxing Sunday and are doing some things to prepare for the visit of the California Contingent. Whatever those chocolate things are, they look wonderful . . . lava cakes, perhaps? And your crockpot dinner, as usual, sounds yummy (I can smell it from here)!

    So I’m off to the kitchen where I know what I’m doing (most of the time). Computers are sometimes the bane of my existence!! I looked that expression up before typing it and it seems to fit. Love hearing from you, my friend.

    • I don’t know anyone who doesnโ€™t occasionally want to tear their hair out over the computer or related issues.

      The tarts are actually pecan tarts … the light is not great, so they DO look chocolate-y! Gives me another baking idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thanks for your encouragement. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿค—

  2. Heck, I often feel like I’m still 21 – and am constantly surprised when my body doesn’t move that way, or little things start hurting and throwing me off my game. I think it’s normal, and healthy. I don’t think as I did then – hello, personal growth – but I don’t feel like a 52 year old granny either. Then again, who is to say what that is supposed to feel like?

    Maybe the trick is to keep on going feeling whatever youthful age you do, and yes – hope for a quick trip across the rainbow bridge. Live life, not dread the “what ifs”.

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