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Bee Brilliant …

I was addicted to an online game, in a way, and despite how the name sounds, it is mindless. Oh, there are small strategies to master, but little reward other than advancing to the next level. No “brilliance” required, not as in the brain games, puzzles and conundrums that are widely available.

One can pay for chances to advance in Bee Brilliant, and I’ve bought these chances and tools and “crutches” quite often. It’s a good pastime, so I’ve told myself, and I also knew that one day I would feel the addiction lose its grip.

This afternoon I felt that happen. I don’t excel at the game, and frequently marvel at the high scores online. Do they pay more money, or are these people ten times better? Suddenly I don’t care, and am annoyed and frustrated by a game that seems too hard to advance without spending. It’s not a conspiracy; I simply think I’ve risen to my own level of incompetence. My time and money can be put to better use.

I play “Words With Friends”, and that is better for my vocabulary. It costs nothing, if that’s what one chooses. I like to think that game will help to preserve thinking power; goodness knows I do not want any more brain cells to starve.

I’ve had a wonderful day. After regular pet and horse care, I did a little cleaning and sorting, made a trip to the transfer station with recyclables and garbage, then visited with friends at Welcome Home and at Shops On Main. Even at the post office, bank, and fish vendor, there were people to “catch up” with. Cinder was in the car with me as usual, and he has become much better at sitting quietly at each stop.

We (dog and I) had lunch at home and then I watched a movie I rented last night, ‘Green Book’, which, of course, can be paused when customers arrive, the phone rings, or whatever. After Gary returned from his ski trip, I stopped watching so that maybe we can watch it together later. I learned that a dog was being picked up in two hours, and I decided to give “Johnny” a free exit bath.

Johnny got picked up and then it was time to feed Carly, Cara, Baron & Layla, and Buster Brown.

It is going to be busier this weekend.

Hope you too have had a joyful day. If not, I will try to send courage by telepathy.


~ Ann

2 thoughts on “Bee Brilliant …

  1. I play Words With Friends with one other person, and it’s pretty slow moving because she’s very busy and, I believe, has several others she plays the game with. If you need another player, let me know. It’s kind of relaxing to play on my iPad when I get into bed for the night, even though the sleep experts suggest that looking at anything on a “screen” at bedtime can keep one from falling asleep.

    Sounds like you had a lovely day, Annie!

    • I love you, Shay.
      I sleep like a log despite being up late with the iPad, so I guess we can defy the experts. 😀 I would love to play Words With Friends with you.

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