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Bike ride …

Today I got around to filling the tires on my bicycle that I bought last summer.

I rode it once across the yard in August and I was terrified. It got put away properly in September when I went to witness Linden’s birth.

Finally, it was accessible, not a long walk through deep snow any more. The bike was sort of calling to me. It sat near my shop waiting for air in tires until today I summoned the courage to at least get that done.

I always think that a car or truck or bicycle tire is going to explode. Can anyone tell me that it can’t? Gary said today, “You know how to do that…” and it’s not as if I want a tire to blow up in his face, so I got it done.

I had a vision of taken Cinder in a Snuggli or a baby backpack when I finally rode again, but decided I should gain some confidence and prowess before I do that.

To my surprise, maintaining my balance wasn’t as challenging as I’d feared. The faster I went, the more steady I felt, even on our gravel drive, and by the the time I was feeling good about this, I was halfway down to the highway!

I do know how to use the brakes. I stopped and started a couple of times simply to get the hang of that. Then I realized I knew nothing about the gears, and there are so many!

My whole test drive, hardly a kilometre, I was fiddling with the gears and didn’t get anything figured out. This beautiful bike, besides being too tall (even with the seat lowered), is too fancy. However, I am determined to learn more and conquer the skill. I’ll bet there are YouTube videos that will help!

For now, I’m content to chat with you. The short bike ride felt like a small workout. I walked back up the hill to the house, and I suppose there might be a day that I ride uphill on gravel. I’ll report back!

“As easy as riding a bike.” …. pfft


A friend just stopped for something related to Robson Valley Spay and Neuter Society (a fine, fine organization!). She has a similar bike, one with many gears, and she gave me a quick lesson. Perhaps I won’t be “slipping a gear” in the future; I can’t give up!

Fran from Welcome Home in McBride posted this darling photo of her new puppy this morning. “Taters” is a hybrid called a Frenchton, which is half French Bulldog and half Boston Terrier. Those are both comical and cute breeds, so how could Taters be anything but adorable?

While we speak of creatures great and small, here is a moth I found in the kennel building as I was sweeping today. It is not remarkable other than that it is alive. Almost any moth or butterfly that accidentally gets inside the shop is found dead, whether from mauling by a pet, other injury, or because their normal lifespan was at an end. I don’t kill bees, moths or spiders on purpose, so I picked this creature up in the dustpan, and I enjoyed seeing it take flight outdoors. It lives another day.

Most guests have gone home from the weekend, or from the weeks before. It will be busy for boarding again next week, and I have a few grooming appointments. Cinder and I are relaxing this afternoon, for the most part.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m sure you haven’t come to expect pithy wisdom here, but I do enjoy writing to you.

Love, Ann

p.s. Oh, here is the view from the hot tub. I felt virtuous that I cleaned and refilled it last week, but I had not taken a soak since just after the stroke. Neat, now I’m a poet.

I was afraid that the hot dip had raised my blood pressure and caused a headache. Yesterday, it did not. My blood pressure has been consistently normal lately, which takes a bit of worry out of the picture.

The Spring often looks … messy. It is welcome anyway.


3 thoughts on “Bike ride …

  1. It appears that your unexpected medical issues have propelled you in new directions . . . how wonderful! I have a pink mountain bike which was a gift from Brook many years ago. We both rode together for several years and quite enjoyed it, and then our interest waned. After he died in July 2015, I vowed to start it up again and took my bike to a local shop for a tune-up . . . new saddle, new tires, new brakes, and a new helmet. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve still not been on it.

    Good for you, Ann . . . I’m so proud of you!! I should follow your example!

  2. Great story on riding your bike, keep it up. I love bike riding. But it was such a challenge to get up the big hills. I am not into it for speed or working up a sweat. I just like the riding on bike paths and looking at the scenery.

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